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2009 Off Season Changes

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NOTE: This is more or less a "Welcome Back" and here's your to-do list". If you want to join in on getting stuff done, send me an email at kort[dot]jackson[at]gmail[dot]com. KortEverettJackson 08:51, 22 May 2009 (UTC)


The Academic Decathlon Season has begun to wind down, and the Scholar's Cup Season is approaching the World Finals. As a result, we are about ready to enter the "offseason", where no new official competitions will take place until the end of the 2009 calendar year.

Therefore, it is a good idea to implement changes now to avoid last minute alterations during the competitive season, so that more time can be dedicated to inputting scores.

Phase One: Implementation of Referendum Results[edit]

One of the first changes to be made is to implement the results of the referendum taken back in November, 2008. For the full page, go here results. Below is a summary of the results:

Results of Non-Binding Referendum[edit]

Results of Non-Binding Referendum

November 8, 2008 - November 21, 2008

  • Q1 (Name Change of ADSIC): Yes 21.43%; No 78.57% (3-11)
  • Q2 (Removal of Personal Biographies): Yes 21.43%; No 78.57% (3-11)
  • Q3 (Removal of Project Phoenix) Yes 42.86%; No 57.14% (6-8)
  • Q4 (Review of Regional Policy) Yes 64.29%; No 35.71% (9-5)
  • Q5 (Mission Statement) Yes 71.43%; No 28.57% (10-4)
  • Q6 (Review of ADSIC Policies) Yes 100.0%; No 00.00% (14-0)
  • Q7 (Editorial Board) Yes 42.86%; No 57.14% (6-8)
  • Q8 (End of HTML Tables) Yes 85.71%; No 14.29% (12-2)

Changes to be implemented[edit]

1: ADSIC Policies will receive a full review. Since many different projects and formats were adopted through the years, it will be necessary to give everything a good look over and get some unity.

2: Regional Score Page policies will receive a full review. This ties into number 1, but is emphasized due to the fact that there is pretty much a different system per state. While attempting to reconcile state distinctions into a uniform code will be impossible, perhaps by offering a "translation" page to explain how each state conducts it's regions would help greatly.

3: All remaining HTML tables will be converted. Self explanatory here.

Possible Changes[edit]

1: A Mission Statement.

Things that will not be changed[edit]

1: ADSIC Name Change will not happen. People were not pleased with this suggestion.

2: Personal Biographies will stand pat.

3: No "Editorial Board". While a close vote, it's not a priority.

4: Project:Phoenix will be developed into something and will not be scrapped.

Phase Two: Cosmetic Lift[edit]

1: Some pages will receive a fresh look. After all, some pages look like crap.

2: Some people have complained the logo is too dark. The logo will be looked into.

Phase Three: Scholar's Cup Scores[edit]

1: Scholar's Cup scores need to be uploaded. There is a lot of results that need to go up and fast.

Additional Developments[edit]

Additional Developments may be suggested and added as times go on.