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This page is dedicated to the Academic Decathlon histories of notable schools and the teams that they have produced.

Historic Team Scores[edit]

Schools from Alaska[edit]

Schools from Arizona[edit]

Schools from California[edit]



Los Angeles[edit]


San Bernardino[edit]

So Cal Private[edit]



Schools from Colorado[edit]

Schools from Georgia[edit]

Schools from Hawaii[edit]

Schools from Illinois[edit]

Schools from Iowa[edit]

Schools from Kansas[edit]

Schools from Massachusetts[edit]

Schools from Nebraska[edit]

Schools From Ohio[edit]

Schools from Pennsylvania[edit]

Schools from Tennessee[edit]

Schools from Texas[edit]

Region I[edit]

Region III[edit]

Region IV[edit]

Region V[edit]

Region VI[edit]

Region VII[edit]

Region VIII[edit]

Region IX[edit]

Region X[edit]

Region XII[edit]

Schools from Utah[edit]

Schools from Washington[edit]

Schools from Wisconsin[edit]