Hebron High School

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Hebron High School
Hebron High School logo
School Founded 1999
Team Established 2002
State Texas
City Carrollton
Region IX
Team Colors Black, Silver, and Blue
Principal Amy Boughton
Coaches Donna Friend, Jeanette Rooks
State Championships
Regional Championships 2021
Highest Finish 6th in Texas (2020 & 2022, Large), 4th in Texas (2006, Medium)
School Website http://lisd.net/hhs

Hebron (HEE-brun) High School is a large school located in Carrollton, Texas, competing in Region IX.


Team Scores by Year[edit]

Year Regionals Rank State Rank
2022 41,863.6 2 44,894.6 6
2021 43,410.0 1 43,410.0 8
2020 45,380.6 3 46,383.9 6
2019 42,359.3 5 42,868.2 25
2018 44,340.5 3 46,107.3 17
2017 44,823.2 2 44,815.2 13
2016 41,988.8 4 42,701.0 20
2015 39,024.0 4 - -
2014 38,101.3 5 - -
2013 35,895.1 5 36,166.0 31
2012 35,878.1 7 37,452.5 29
2011 32,722.3 8 - -
2010 37,614.7 5 38,938.8 26
2009 37,941.6 5 38,950.9 28
2008 36,371.7 8 - -
2007 36,143 6 - -
2006 39,540 3 (Med) 41,028.1 4 (Med)
2005 34,962 2 (Med) 35,629.1 11 (Med)
2004 35,629.1 4 (Med) 34,611.6 20 (Med)
2003 32,423 2 (Med) 35,759 12 (Med)

Overall Individual Records[edit]

Rank Student Meet Score
1 Brendan Glascock State 2019 9,372.0
2 Brendan Glascock State 2018 9,231.4
3 Brendan Glascock Regional 2018 8,976.7
4 Diya Baby Regional 2020 8,831.4
5 Kaden Nguyen State 2022 8,731.6
Rank Student Meet Score
1 Vidhi Pujara State 2022 8,311.4
2 Vidhi Pujara State 2021 8,048.6
3 Akshaya Kummetha State 2020 8,032.4
4 Amna Yasin State 2018 7,807.7
5 Georgia Neal State 2017 7,683.0
Rank Student Meet Score
1 Karina Sanchez State 2018 7,740.6
2 Karina Sanchez Regional 2018 7,542.6
3 Anney Furnival State 2020 7,181.4
4 Ben Boschert Regional 2019 6,921.7
5 Anney Furnival Regional 2020 6,918.1

Hall of Tortured Souls[edit]

Rank Student Meet Score
1 Brendan Glascock State 2019 9,372.0
2 Brendan Glascock State 2018 9,231.4
Brendan Glascock Regional 2018 8,976.7
3 Diya Baby Regional 2020 8,831.4
4 Kaden Nguyen State 2022 8,731.6
Diya Baby State 2020 8,724.6
Brendan Glascock Regional 2019 8,717.7
5 Claire Boschert Regional 2017 8,644.9
Claire Boschert State 2017 8,588.3
6 Debbie Kim State 2018 8,490.0
7 Jordan Springer State 2018 8,489.0
8 Brendan Glascock State 2017 8,403.8
9 Diya Baby State 2019 8,317.0
Brendan Glascock Regional 2017 8,312.9
10 Sammi Kwon Regional 2020 8,309.7
Jordan Springer Regional 2018 8,270.4
Diya Baby Regional 2019 8,218.3
11 Vidhi Pujara State 2022 8,216.4
12 Sammi Kwon Regional 2021 8,283.6
Sammi Kwon State 2020 8,177.0
Sammi Kwon State 2021 8,139.3
13 Claire Boschert Regional 2016 8,061.7
14 Vidhi Pujara State 2021 8,048.6
15 Akshaya Kummetha State 2020 8,032.4
16 Abraham Le State 2020 8,030.7


2016: India[edit]

2016 was a record-breaking year for Hebron, with the 2006 team's record score of 41,028.1 finally falling. Team members included newcomers Michael Ashworth, Kat Westbrook, Ashlyn Koslovsky, and Brendan Glascock, returning Octathletes Georgia Neal, Jasmine Mathews, Amna Yasin, and Lothario Clincy, and returning Decathlete Claire Boschert (captain). The team scored 41,988.8 at Regionals, a new school record. Claire Boschert scored 8061.7 points, making her the first Hebron student to score above 8,000 and earning her 5th place in the Honors division. At State, the team’s total improved to 42,701.0 and Kat Westbrook won Gold in Scholastic Speech with a score of 996.7.

2017: World War II[edit]

Hebron continued its trend of rapid improvement in 2017, with returning Decathletes Claire Boschert (captain), Georgia Neal (captain), Jasmine Mathews, and Brendan Glascock joined by returning Octathlete Karina Sanchez, returning class member Brenda Guizar, and newcomers Jordan Springer and Zac Perry. The team took second at Regionals with a score of 44,823.2. Claire Boschert and Brendan Glascock finished 1st and 5th overall in Honors, with scores of 8,644.9 and 8,312.9, respectively. Emma Hauck placed 2nd in Scholastic, scoring 7,519, and Jasmine Mathews placed 2nd in Varsity with a score of 6,642.4. At State, the team's total score fell slightly to 44,815.2, and Brendan Glascock and Claire Boschert shared Bronze in Honors Science with scores of 880.

2018: Africa[edit]

In 2018, Hebron's scores continued to climb, despite an initial setback. The team included returning Decathletes Brendan Glascock (captain), Amna Yasin (captain), Jordan Springer, and Karina Sanchez, returning Octathlete Ian Mathews, returning class member Emma Brown, and newcomers Debbie Kim, Ally Thomas, and Ben Boschert. Despite impressive showings at the Irving Invitational and District meets, the team came in 3rd in Regionals with a score of 44,340.5, making 2018 the first year since 2011 that the team's Regional score did not improve from the year prior. Individually, however, several students enjoyed great success, with Brendan Glascock taking 2nd in Honors with a score of 8,976.7, Amna Yasin finishing 5th in Scholastic with 7,320.4 points, and Karina Sanchez taking 1st overall in Varsity with a score of 7,542.6. At State, the team exceeded initial expectations, setting a new school record of 46,107.3. Debbie Kim and Jordan Springer took Gold and Bronze in Honors Literature with scores of 1,000 and 960, respectively, and Brendan Glascock took Silver in Math and Social Science, missing only one question on each test. Glascock also became the first Hebron student to break 9,000 points with a score of 9,231.4.

2019: The 1960s[edit]

The 2019 Hebron Academic Decathlon team included returning Decathletes Brendan Glascock (captain), Benjamin Boschert (captain), and Ian Mathews, returning Octathletes Sammi Kwon and Anabel Sanchez, and newcomers Diya Baby, Anna McDearmon, Veronica Martin, and Wells Lofgren. From its onset, 2019 did not appear to be a promising year; for the first time, the team elected to move a Varsity student, Wells Lofgren, up a division, into the Scholastic bracket. Additionally, their showings at the Irving Invitational and District meets were rather poor. There was great doubt regarding the team’s ability to make State. However, at Regionals, they delivered a strong performance, with Brendan Glascock finishing 4th overall in Honors with a score of 8717.7, and Benjamin Boschert taking 3rd overall in Varsity with a score of 6921.7. Their total score of 42,359.3 earned them 5th overall at the meet and 19th overall in the state, placing them among the 40 teams advancing to state. At State, the team’s overall performance improved only slightly, but several individuals enjoyed great success. Brendan Glascock set yet another school record, scoring 9,372.0 points. He finished 3rd overall in the Honors category, becoming only the second scholarship winner in Hebron’s history, and the first in the Large School era. Glascock earned Gold in Math (1000) and Science (960), a Silver in Economics (920), and a Bronze in Speech (985). Additionally, Ben Boschert and Wells Lofgren both earned Gold with perfect scores in Varsity and Scholastic Interview, respectively.

2020: Health and Wellness[edit]

The 2020 Hebron Academic team included a strong team consisting of returning Decathletes Sammi Kwon (captain), Diya Baby, Abraham Le, Wells Lofgren, and Benjamin Boschert, returning Octathlon Akshaya Kummetha (captain), and newcomers Anney Furnival and Kelly Juan. 2020 appeared to be a promising year early on as the team won the Irving Invitational for the first time in school history. Another impressive performance at District followed before competing at Regionals, where the team delivered another strong performance. The team total score of 45,380.6 earned them 3rd overall at the meet, with Diya Baby finishing 2nd overall in the Honors category with a score of 8831.4, and Akshaya Kummetha finishing 3rd overall in Scholastic with a score of 7363.7. At State, the team finished in 6th place, a school record, with a score of 46,383.9, another school record. In terms of individual success, Diya won a gold medal in art and bronze medals in social scarce and music. Sammi Kwon finished 3rd in both Speech and art and Abraham Le won a silver medal in science. Akshaya Kummetha shattered the school record for Scholastic state overall score with 8032.4, also winning a bronze medal in speech. Kelly Juan won gold in speech and Vidhi Pujara won silver in literature. Benjamin Boschert won gold in interview with a perfect score, Anney Furnival won gold in music and silver in essay to round off an amazing year.

2021: The Cold War[edit]

2022: Water: A Most Essential Resource[edit]


Role 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
Honors Kaden Nguyen Luc Chartier Diya Baby Brendan Glascock Brendan Glascock Claire Boschert Claire Boschert Mitch Belmer Matthew Cha Ashley Cha Anirudh Sivakumar Karthik Seenivasan Natasha Bhatia Shulin Ye Natasha Bhatia Farhana Esmail Sukaina Mamdani Sukaina Mamdani Sejal Tailor Taylor Yetts Sejal Tailor
Honors Angela Ke Sammi Kwon Sammi Kwon Diya Baby Debbie Kim Brendan Glascock Amna Yasin Claire Boschert Claire Boschert Vikash Patel Umair Khakoo Justin Thomas Karthik Seenivasan Natasha Bhatia Rachel Nehlsen Sunna Syed Farhana Esmail Farhana Esmail Sukaina Mamdani Sejal Tailor Stacy George
Honors Serena Cavanaugh Kaden Nguyen Abraham Le Sammi Kwon Jordan Springer Jordan Springer Brendan Glascock Srija Seenivasan Srija Seenivasan Catherine Leigh Aditya Viswanathan Ashley Cha Aditya Viswanathan Karthik Seenivasan Manisha Bhatia Laura Rogers Jen Wright Salman Bhai Santhra Sebastian Stacy George Natasha Singh
Scholastic Vidhi Pujara Akshaya Kummetha Akshaya Kummetha Anna McDearmon Emma Brown Georgia Neal Georgia Neal Warren McGaa Alex McGuane Alex McGuane Alex McGuane Sarah Quick Lisa Thompson Lisa Thompson Hayley Pollock Lyndsay DiPietro Lyndsay DiPietro Stephanie Mathew Michelle Springer Casey Lutz Shamsha Alikalyan
Scholastic Unaiza Khakoo Vidhi Pujara Vidhi Pujara Wells Lofgren Amna Yasin Emma Hauck Ashlyn Koslovsky Raj Tailor Andrew Thammavong Anish Patel Abby Maxham Molly Rogers Rachel Nehlsen Rachel Nehlsen Francois Williams Mishelle Kochumuttom Mishelle Kochumuttom Courtney Burge Stephanie Mathew Kindel Hollis Amit Alex
Scholastic Collin Furnival Eric Kim Kely Juan Veronica Martin Ally Thomas Karina Sanchez Kat Westbrook Ali Hussain Anish Patel Zack Herman Sarah Quick Jamie George Umair Khakoo Axel Ordonez Harold Culp Kyle Jordan Sal Bhai Lyndsay DiPietro Chris Abraham Stephanie Johnston
Varsity Alyssa Brou Collin Furnival Anney Furnival Benjamin Boschert Karina Sanchez Jasmine Mathews Jasmine Mathews Jordan Washington Jordan Washington Robert Gurnas Robert Gurnas Derek Scheuermann Axel Ordonez Stephen Newsome Erika Thomas Kyle Grace Caylie Casto Brittany Walker Kyle Askew Fred Holt Ryan Oliver
Varsity Ayushi Naik Lance Gorton Ben Boschert Ian Mathews Ian Mathews Zac Perry Lothario Clincy Julia Houchin Demetreus Moreland Jacque VanHorn Ameer Hyder Kelsey McLemee Alexis Ordonez Andrew Pierce Kyle Grace Brett Pyle Aarti Varma Candice Dial Laurel Bush Sana Alikalyan Allen McKinney
Varsity Wells Lofgren Anabel Sanchez Benjamin Boschert Brenda Guizar Michael Ashworth Adrian Tran Fahad Ladha Abby Maxham Ana Hemani Chandler Roane Tyler Halvorsen Alexis Ordonez Timmy Seo Andrew Pierce Tuan Phan Lauren Rasmussen Lauren Rasmussen Brent Walker Sami Suteria
Coach Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend Donna Friend
Coach Jeanette Rooks Travis Zuber Travis Zuber Travis Zuber Travis Zuber Travis Zuber Travis Zuber Travis Zuber Alicia Bohannon Alicia Bohannon Alicia Bohannon Alicia Bohannon Kate Mayo Kate Mayo Kate Mayo Kate Mayo Kate Mayo Pat Sinclair Pat Sinclair Pat Sinclair Pat Sinclair

Silver background denotes captain


Name Graduating Class Years Competed Highest Score University
Diya Baby 2020 2019-2020 8,831.4 University of Texas at Dallas
Mitch Belmer 2015 2015 7,714.3 Rice University
Ben Boschert 2020 2018-2020 6,921.7 University of Texas at Dallas
Claire Boschert 2017 2014-2017 8,644.9 Rice University
Emma Brown 2018 2018 6,772.7 University of Oklahoma
Matthew Cha 2016 2014 6,355.2 University of Texas at Dallas
Luc Chartier 2021 2021 7,838.6 University of Texas at Austin
Lothario Clincy 2017 2016 6,741.3 Baylor University
Brendan Glascock 2019 2016-2019 9,372.0 University of Southern California
Debbie Kim 2018 2018 8,490.0 University of Texas
Eric Kim 2021 2021 6,925.0 University of Texas at Dallas
Ashlyn Koslovsky 2016 2016 7,320.7 Texas A&M University
Akshaya Kummetha 2021 2020-2021 8,032.4 University of Texas at Dallas
Sammi Kwon 2021 2019-2021 8,139.3 Yale University
Abraham Le 2020 2020 8,030.7 Texas Tech University
Jasmine Mathews 2017 2016-2017 6,642.4 Arizona State University
Anna McDearmon 2019 2019 5,963.6 University of North Texas
Alex McGuane 2014 2012-2014 6,888.7 Texas A&M University
Georgia Neal 2017 2016-2017 7,683.0 Texas A&M University/Emory Law
Zac Perry 2017 2017 6,552.4 Texas A&M University
Karina Sanchez 2018 2017-2018 7,740.6 University of Oklahoma
Srija Seenivasan 2015 2014-2015 7,541.4 University of Texas
Jordan Springer 2018 2017-2018 8,489.0 Drake University
Raj Tailor 2016 2015 ??????? University of Texas at Dallas
Andrew Thammavong 2015 2014 5,833.0 University of Texas at Dallas
Ally Thomas 2018 2018 6,966.7 University of Texas
Kat Westbrook 2016 2016 7,306.3 Savannah College of Art and Design
Amna Yasin 2018 2016, 2018 7,807.7 University of Texas