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Region IX (DFW) of the Texas Academic Decathlon is considered one of the stronger regions in the state, home to the consistently high-performing Chester W. Nimitz High School and consistently placing multiple teams in the top ten at State. In the 2014 competition season, Region IX tied for the second-highest number of Large Schools sent to State (4) and sent the highest number of Medium Schools to State (5) of any region.

Region IX has featured only one live Nationals Competitor: Keller High School won the region and the state in 2005 to take fifth place at Nationals. The previous year, Nimitz High School, despite winning the Large Schools State Championship, was beaten in score by Friendswood High School (a Medium School) and thus did not attend Nationals. Also, in 2008, Pine Tree High School was selected to represent Texas at Medium Schools E-Nationals; the team placed second overall.

Region IX Results[edit]

Large Schools[edit]

Year Winner Score Rank Top State Team Score Rank
2024 Edward S. Marcus High School 46,809.4 3 Edward S. Marcus High School 48,401.8 4
2023 Hebron High School 43,107.9 4 Hebron High School 45,068.6 5
2022 Edward S. Marcus High School 44,795.6 3 Edward S. Marcus High School 48,390.1 3
2021 Hebron High School 43,410.0 8 Hebron High School 43,410.0 8
2020 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,730.4 4 Chester W. Nimitz High School 47,548.6 5
2019 Edward S. Marcus High School 44,048.1 10 Chester W. Nimitz High School 46,205.4 11
2018 Coppell High School 46,131.0 8 Coppell High School 49,771.7 4
2017 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,691.6 6 Coppell High School 46,418.3 5
2016 Coppell High School 50,971.1 2 Coppell High School 52,179.3 2
2015 Coppell High School 47,826.7 3 Coppell High School 48,978.4 4
2014 Chester W. Nimitz High School 43,716.3 6 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,823.1 5
2013 Chester W. Nimitz High School 43,115.2 4 Chester W. Nimitz High School 44,432.3 4
2012 Chester W. Nimitz High School 44,911.7 3 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,709.0 3
2011 Chester W. Nimitz High School 43,989.5 3 Coppell High School 44,656.5 6
2010 Chester W. Nimitz High School 43,795.9 3 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,212.4 4
2009 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,223.8 2 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,451.9 5
2008 Chester W. Nimitz High School 46,000.9 2 Chester W. Nimitz High School 47,724.2 2
2007 Chester W. Nimitz High School 43,450.8 5 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,513.2 2
2006 Chester W. Nimitz High School 42,141 7 Chester W. Nimitz High School 43,111.2 4
2005 Keller High School 44,584.0 2 Keller High School 46,782.7 1
2004 Chester W. Nimitz High School 46,549 1 Chester W. Nimitz High School 45,811.3 1

Medium Schools[edit]

Although they did compete earlier, Medium Schools have only continuously competed in Region IX from 2008.

Year Winner Score Rank Top State Team Score Rank
2024 Heritage High School &
Lebanon Trail High School
42,198.9 /
2 The Colony High School 42,802.1 3
2023 Centennial High School 42,582.5 2 Centennial High School 45,917.4 2
2022 Reedy High School 44,449.3 2 Reedy High School 47,986.0 2
2021 Reedy High School 45,602.5 N/A Reedy High School 46,385.4 4
2020 Lebanon Trail High School 47,463.3 2 Lebanon Trail High School 49,142.8 3
2019 Lebanon Trail High School 47,420.3 3 Lebanon Trail High School 48,750.8 3
2018 Lone Star High School 41,881.8 8 Lone Star High School 45,470.0 6
2017 Wakeland High School 44,055.5 6 Wakeland High School 46,201.3 5
2016 Wakeland High School 45,872.5 3 Wakeland High School 49,107.7 3
2015 Centennial High School 44,105.7 3 Liberty High School 45,039.4 3
2014 Centennial High School 43,367.8 3 Centennial High School 45,426.4 3
2013 Centennial High School 39,080.9 6 Liberty High School 42,089.3 6
2012 Centennial High School 40,937.8 6 Centennial High School 43,152.9 5
2011 Centennial High School 40,543.2 3 Centennial High School 43,459.0 4
2010 Centennial High School 41,502.5 4 Centennial High School 43,155.4 3
2009 Liberty High School 42,956.7 1 Liberty High School 46,067.1 1
2008 Centennial High School 41,563.4 7 Pine Tree High School 44,299.3 7







Large Schools[edit]

With an overall increase in scores compared to previous years, it was no suprise when Nimitz won the competition with 46,001 points; what was suprising was the margin of victory - Marcus missed taking the title by only 1,088 points with a 44,913. The two schools ranked 2nd and 7th going into State. For the fifth year in a row, the Region sent 5 schools to State: Flower Mound (42,941), Creekview (42,833), and Coppell (38,777) rounded out the top five. At State, Nimitz maintained 2nd and Marcus maintained 7th. Flower Mound moved up from 12th to 11th, Creekview dropped down from 13th to 16th, and Coppell improved from 38th to 30th.

Medium Schools[edit]

Hosting its first Medium School competition ever, Region IX announced its entrance to state with a bang. Six schools advanced to State, the most sent by any region. Centennial High School (41,563), was honored with the Regional title, and Pine Tree (40,923.5), Frisco (40,565.9), McKinney North (35,697.7), The Colony (34,955.9), and McKinney Boyd (34,835.1) all qualified for the State championship in San Antonio. The teams entered ranked 7th, 8th, 9th, 17th, 20th, and 21st, respectively, and left the State competition ranked 8th, 7th, 9th, 18th, 17th, and 19th, respectively. Because all other higher-scoring Medium Schools were too large for USAD Medium School competition, Pine Tree was selected as the Medium School representative for Texas at the 2008 USAD Medium School Virtual Nationals. Pine Tree placed second out of 13 competing schools.


2007 was yet another victorious year for Nimitz High School. The Nimitz team took first place with 43,451 points and was ranked fifth across the state based on Regional scores; at State, Nimitz placed second. Keller took second place with 41,130 points and ranked 10th; the school improved to 6th at State. Marcus (39,855), Flower Mound (38,163), and Creekview (37,806) rounded out the top five and advanced to State. 2007 was the first year for Flower Mound to advance to State, where the team placed 10th, up from 26th; Flower Mound was also the most-improved Large School team from Regional to State, increasing in score by 3,125 points. Marcus dropped from 17th to 18th at State and Creekview improved from 29th to 20th.


Despite winning State in 2005, Keller could not hold on to its Regional title. The Nimitz team took first place with 42,141 points and was ranked seventh across the state based on Regional scores; at State, Nimitz placed fourth. Marcus took second place with 41,487 points and ranked 10th; the team held its 10th place spot at State. Creekview (40,421), Keller (39,815), and Fossil Ridge (39,348) rounded out the top five and advanced to State. Creekview improved to 7th place from 14th, Keller moved up to 11th place from 18th, and Fossil Ridge dropped to 25th from 20th.


For the first time since Nimitz had joined Region IX, it did not win the Regional title. Instead, Keller High School took the coveted title, with a score of 44,584, giving it a 2nd overall rank across Texas. At State, with a score of 46,783, the team managed to beat out tough competition from Lubbock, Holmes, and Plano Senior to give Region IX its first National appearance ever. There, Keller took 4th place with 45,879.6 points. Nimitz took second place with 41,982 points and ranked fifth. Though the team improved to 43,393 points at State, it fell back to sixth place. Creekview (41,413), Marcus (40,068), and Fossil Ridge (38,850) rounded out the top five and advanced to State. Creekview dropped from 7th to 10th place, Marcus maintained 13th place, and Fossil Ridge dropped to 22nd from 20th at State.


For the seventh year in a row, though moved from Region X to IX, Nimitz won its regional meet with 46,549 points and advanced to the State Competition. Ranking first in the State among Regional scores, it was no suprise when Nimitz won the Large School State competition with 45,811 points. Unfortunately for Nimitz, the school was deprived of a National appearance due to its lower score than Medium School champion Friendswood High School. Fossil Ridge took second place with 41,831 points and ranked 11th. The team dropped to 39,897 points and 18th place at State. Marcus (41,345), Creekview (41,153), and Keller (40,966) rounded out the top five and advanced to State. Marcus improved from 13th to 9th, Creekview dropped from 14th to 17th, and Keller improved from 16th to 12th at State.

Note: If you have information on which schools competed in Region IX in 2003 or earlier, please add it here. Sometime from 2002 to 2004, the fifteen regions of Texas were reduced to 12.

Competing Schools[edit]

Since 2008 realignment and addition of Medium School competition. Updated as of 2016.

Large Schools
ISD School Years Competed
Birdville Haltom High School 2008-2010
Birdville Richland High School 2009-2012
Carroll Carroll Senior High School 2008
Carrollton-Farmers Branch R.L. Turner High School 2008-2016
Coppell Coppell High School 2008-
Irving Irving High School 2008-
Irving MacArthur High School 2008-
Irving Nimitz High School 2008-
Lewisville Flower Mound High School 2008-
Lewisville Hebron High School 2008-
Lewisville Lewisville High School 2008-
Lewisville Edward S. Marcus High School 2008-
McKinney McKinney Boyd High School 2008-2012
Mesquite John Horn High School 2009-
Mesquite Mesquite High School 2009-
Mesquite North Mesquite High School 2009-
Medium Schools
ISD School Years Competed
Aledo Aledo High School 2008
Birdville Birdville High School 2010-2012
Carrollton-Farmers Branch Creekview High School 2008-2016
Carrollton-Farmers Branch Newman Smith High School 2008-2016
Frisco Centennial High School 2008-
Frisco Frisco High School 2008-
Frisco Heritage High School 2011-
Frisco Frisco Liberty High School 2009-
Frisco Wakeland High School 2009-
Frisco Lone Star High School 2015-
Frisco Independence High School 2015-
Frisco Reedy High School 2017-
Irving Jack E. Singley Academy 2008-
Kilgore Kilgore High School 2008
Lewisville The Colony High School 2009-
Lovejoy Lovejoy High School 2013-
Lubbock Lubbock High School 2015-2016
McKinney McKinney High School 2009-2012
McKinney McKinney North High School 2008-2012
Mesquite Mesquite Poteet High School 2008-
Mesquite West Mesquite High School 2008-
Pine Tree Pine Tree High School 2008-2016
Prosper Prosper High School 2013

Region Changes in 2008[edit]

In 2008, the following schools were moved from Region IX:

  • 2005 State Champion Keller HS was moved to Region VIII for the 2008 season.
  • State qualifier Fossil Ridge HS was moved down to the Medium School classification and to Region VIII for the 2007 season.

The following schools entered Region IX:

  • Due to the addition of a Medium School competition for Region IX for 2008, Centennial HS, Frisco HS, Academy of Irving, Poteet HS, West Mesquite HS, McKinney Boyd HS, McKinney HS, McKinney North HS, Kilgore HS, Pine Tree HS and The Colony HS all joined the region as Medium Schools. All were from either Region VIII or Region XII.
  • Aledo HS fields its first team ever in 2008, entering as a Medium School.
  • Coppel HS was moved from Region X for the 2008 season.
  • Hebron HS moved up from the Medium School classification for the 2007 season from Region VIII, where it had a history of successful finishes. In 2007, it failed to qualify for State by only 452 points.