Frisco High School

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Frisco High School
Frisco High School logo
School Founded 1902-3
Team Established ?
City Frisco, Texas
Team Colors Blue & Yellow
Principal Sylvia Palacios
Head Coach Scott Greenwood
Associate/Other Head Coach(es)
National Championships
State Championships
Regional/County Championships
Region/County Location Region IX
Highest Finish State Champions at Texas Small Schools (1998, 1999, 2000)
School Website

Frisco High School was the original high school Frisco ISD, founded in 1902 using a different building than it uses today. When Frisco was still a small town, FHS leapt to the top of Texas Small Schools, winning the State competition thrice in a row (1998-2000) before being moved up to Medium Schools in the 2001 competition year.'

Performance Chart
Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank
2018 33,139.0 106th overall, 35th in Medium DNC DNC
2017 37,041.2 56th overall, 18th in Medium 33,927.0 71st overall, 26th in Medium
2016 39,576.0 50th overall, 15th in Medium 42,052.6 34th overall, 12th in Medium
2015 37,125.8 63rd overall, 18th in Medium DNC DNC
2014 34,516.0 82nd overall, 20th in Medium DNC DNC
2013 33,210.3 X>25th in Medium DNC DNC
2012 34,466.4 X>64th overall, 21st in Medium 36,874.1 51st overall, 17th in Medium
2011 35,525.6 48th overall, 15th in Medium 37,981.4 41st overall, 15th in Medium
2010 35,731.4 56th overall, 14th in Medium 37,193.6 48th overall, 14th in Medium
2009 37,011 59th overall, 18th in Medium 37,670.9 46th overall, 12th in Medium
2008 40,565.9 30th overall, 9th in Medium 42,163.9 26th overall, 9th in Medium
2007 44,317 2nd overall, 1st in Medium 43,986.7 5th overall, 2nd in Medium
2006 39,967 20th overall, 4th in Medium 40,580.7 16th overall, 5th in Medium
2005 40,875 12th overall, 3rd in Medium 42,555.1 12th overall, 5th in Medium
2004 41,715 14th overall, 3rd in Medium 43,719.9 11th overall, 4th in Medium
2003 39,694 15th overall, 3rd in Medium 42,948 16th overall, 5th in Medium
2002 36,912 6th in Medium ? ?
2001 34,818 41st overall, 7th in Medium
2000 40,629 42nd overall, 1st in Small
1999 39,100 42nd overall, 1st in Small
1998 38,323 50th overall, 1st in Small
State Records
Category Student Year Score
Honors Overall Score Steven Zhu 2007 8,823.3
Scholastic Overall Score Parker Watson 2016 7,761.3
Varsity Overall Score Blake Porter 2005 7,713.4