Coppell High School

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Coppell High School

[[Image:|center||Coppell High School logo]]

School Founded 1985
Team Established
City Coppell,TX
Team Colors Red, Black, White
Principal Nicole Jund
Head Coach Tim Dixon
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Maleda Kunkle, Susan Sheppard, Jessica Short
National Championships N/A
State Championships N/A
Regional/County Championships
Region/County Location Region IX
Highest Finish 2nd place TX LS (2016)
School Website Website

Performance Chart[edit]

Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank
2018 46,131.0 9th overall, 8th in Large 49,771.8 6th overall, 4th in Large
2017 44,541.6 18th overall, 13th in Large 46,418.3 8th overall, 5th in Large
2016 50,971.1 2nd overall, 2nd in Large 52,179.3 2nd overall, 2nd in Large
2015 47,826.7 3rd overall, 3rd in Large 48,978.4 4th overall, 4th in Large
2014 42,478.6 14th overall, 9th in Large 44,195.1 10th overall, 6th in Large
2013 36,393.6 45th overall, 25th in Large 39,204.5 29th overall, 17th in Large
2012 40,425.2 17th overall, 11th in Large 43,135.9 13th overall, 8th in Large
2011 40,746.9 13th overall, 10th in Large 44,656.5 8th overall, 6th in Large
2010 38,317.5 39th overall, 26th in Large 40,301.8 28th overall, 18th in Large
2009 37,527.4 52nd overall, 35th in Large 39,308.1 38th overall, 26th in Large
2008 38,777.0 52nd overall, 38th in Large 38,245.3 46th overall, 32nd in Large
2007 38,490 31st overall, 22nd in Large 39,279.5 28th overall, 19th in Large
2006 42,363 7th overall, 6th in Large 42,194.7 7th overall, 6th in Large
2005 39,275 23rd overall, 17th in Large 40,956.4 20th overall, 14th in Large