Flower Mound High School

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Flower Mound High School
Flower Mound High School logo
School Founded 1999
Team Established Fall 2001
History Flower Mound High School reached State for the first time in 2007. They have been moderately successful since then, making State in 8 of the next 11 years.
City Flower Mound, TX
Team Colors Navy Blue, Silver, & White
Principal Chad Russell
Head Coach Jon Rhodes
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Anda Lee Seat, Allie Schmaltz
National Championships NONE
State Championships NONE
Regional/County Championships NONE
Region/County Location Region IX
Highest Finish 10th in Large School State (2007)
School Website https://www.lisd.net/fmhs

Flower Mound High School

3411 Peters Colony

Flower Mound, TX 75022

(469) 713-5192

Academic Decathlon[edit]


Currently, the team is coached by Jon Rhodes, who joined the team in Fall 2019.

Flower Mound's Academic Decathlon team was formed in Fall 2001 and initially coached by Jessica Ames, an AP Chemistry teacher, and Rose Mary Harvey. Both coaches established the school's competitive nature. When Mrs. Ames prepared to leave to care for her family, Judy Kemler was asked to coach the team by Flower Mound Principal Norman Reuther. He hoped the school could emulate Marcus High School's string of successes (4th at State in 1999, as well as Region XI wins in 2000 and 2001). Under the experienced guidance of Mrs. Kemler and Mrs. Harvey, the school improved steadily.

The school's second Academic Decathlon head coach, Judith Kemler, is best known for her role in coaching the 1996 J. Frank Dobie High School team, which won the school its second National Championship. She joined J. Frank Dobie's Academic Decathlon team, helping the team win District and Regionals and place second in the State in 1995. Her next and last year at J. Frank Dobie, she and Richard Golenko coached the team all the way to Nationals, which they won.

In Fall 2006, Julie Tipton took over the Assistant Coach position left vacant when Mrs. Harvey left the team. Through the continued efforts of Ames, Kemler, Harvey, and Tipton, the school's team went from obscurity in its Region to annual State meet mention, if not respect as a strong competitor.

After the retirement of Judith Kemler, Julie Tipton took over the position of Head Coach. She has fielded many assistant subject coaches during her tenure.


FMHS is in Region IX, considered by some to be one of the most competitive regions in Texas; notable top teams from this region include Copell, Nimitz, and Marcus. In addition, Region IX has sent at least 5 teams to State on all but 2 years since 2003.

Flower Mound High School's Academic Decathlon team was formed in Fall 2001, soon gaining prominence and increasing in score every year from 2004 to 2008.

The 2007 team, in the school's sixth year of competition, was the first from the school to reach State; 2008 saw a repetition of this accomplishment.


The first FMHS AD team to advance to State

Despite the Regional scoring conflict (Region IX placed history teachers in charge of grading the Essay event rather than the usual English teachers, resulting in significantly altered scores for some Decathletes), the Flower Mound High School Academic Decathlon team placed 4th in Super Quiz and 3rd overall. The team made its first state appearance in 2007, ranked 26th entering the State competition with 38,163 points. At the State competition, FMHS improved the most both in terms of score and rank, improving 3,125 points to place 10th with 41,288 points.


Attempting to once again advance to State, Flower Mound began its 2008 season late. When USAD notified FMHS that the school's order form and payment had been lost, the team quickly re-sent both, but received its materials over one month later, after school had already dismissed and it was difficult to contact students and hand out materials. Despite the initial materials difficulties, the school achieved an all-time team high score at Region, scoring 42,941 points and once again 4th in Super Quiz and 3rd overall. In addition, Honors student Jonathan Angel broke the team's individual high score, scoring 8119.3 points and placing second at the competition.

Entering State, Flower Mound was ranked 12th, behind both Marcus (7th) and Nimitz (2nd) of Region IX. Though subjective scores affected nearly every team, Flower Mound managed to garner three medals, one in each subjective event, as well as one in Mathematics. In the Super Quiz Relay, Flower Mound placed 4th, missing medals by a single question. Overall, the team improved its standing to 11th and Honors student Ju Ri Hur once again broke the team's individual high score with 8191.4 points.


During this period, Flower Mound High School performed among the middle of the pack, both in the LISD district and in Region IX of Texas. They qualified for State competiton on all but 2 years within this period. The school hosted several scrimmage and district competitions during this time. Not much else is known during this period.


Tipton continued her run as head coach into the 2017 season, with Anda Lee Seat, Wendy Massey, Brian Dalak, and Lori Hautt as subject coaches. Fielding an incomplete team with only one varsity decathlete, the school failed to qualify for state in the 2017 season, with a Regional score of 30,700.1 points, scoring 9th in Region IX.

After a major enrollment push, the school entered the 2018 season with a much larger class. The team was significantly younger than in seasons past, including 4 sophomores. The team bounced back from it's relatively low score in the year prior in Regionals with 40,638.8 points in the competition, scoring 6th place with 8 medals. In state, the team scored 29th overall, with 3 gold medals, including 2 perfect scores.

Enrollement continued to increase into the 2019 season, up to a record 51 students. Multiple cuts to the class were made into the early season. In addition, after a major internal shift, the class was left with only one returning assistant coach, Seat, with just one new coach, Allie Schmaltz, in place of the three assistant coaches who had left the team. In Regionals, the team scored 6th with a 41,881.8, returning to State for the second straight year. In addition, Chukwusom Uzowihe broke the school individual score record with a 8,734.8. At State, the school scored 22nd, improving their score to 43,197.5. Chukwusom Uzowihe once again broke the school record with a 9,136.4.

Recent Decathletes[edit]

Position 2023 2019 2018 2017
H1 "Saraswathi ""Kunju"" Men Michelle Sun Chukwusom Uzowihe Akshay Durvasula
H2 Maanya Govil Ryan Lee Shreya Lingham Anushka Jain
H3 Sadie larson Pranav Kasturi Akshay Durvasula Rohan Sharma
S1 Luca Bourne Chukwusom Uzowihe Carleigh Jernigan Abel Kim
S2 Amritha Kasturi Austin Seo Chase Hood Garrett Gantt
S3 Vyom Sharma Faith Tshiyoyo Anne Marie Kluthe Carleigh Jernigan
V1 Jordan Mears Rishit Podder Sam Bommareddy Bellame Seyoum
V2 Trevor Dayal Ryan Godard Safwat Khan -
V3 - Amogh Gokhale Rishit Podder -


Bold indicates a record score or rank at that level of competition.

Historical Data
Nationals Year Scrimmage Score District Score District Rank Regional Score Regional Rank State Score State Rank
2023 15,657.0 16,817 5 32,034.2 19 DNQ DNQ
2019 25,769.5 31,570 1 41,881.8 6 43,197.5 22
2018 26,494.2 27,068.6 3 40,638.8 6 42,167.8 29
2017 ?? 22,462.8 ?? 30,700.1 9 DNQ DNQ
2016 ?? ?? ?? 38,615.6 6 39,822.3 31
2015 ?? ?? ?? 37,762.8 6 DNQ DNQ
2014 ?? ?? ?? 38,508.5 4 37,412.5 22
2013 ?? ?? ?? 35,972.2 4 36,083.4 30
2012 ?? ?? ?? 40,013.7 3 39,472.2 19
2011 ?? ?? ?? 32,656.8 9 DNQ DNQ
2010 23,930.7 25,506 1 37,376 6 39,150 24
2009 ?? ?? ?? 39,247 3 39,284.7 27
2008 24,900 26,549 2 42,941 3 43,291 11
2007 22,797 24,870 1 38,163.3 4 41,288 10
2006 ?? 20,252 ?? 34,229 ?? DNQ DNQ
2005 19,806 20,270+ ?? 35,076 ?? DNQ DNQ
2004 18,995.0 20,145 ?? 34,099 > 5 DNQ DNQ
2003 ?? ?? ?? < 34,099 ?? DNQ DNQ
2002 ?? ?? ?? < 34,099 ?? DNQ DNQ