Lone Star High School

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Lone Star High School
Lone Star High School logo
School Founded '11
Team Established '12?
City Frisco, Texas
Team Colors Blue & White
Principal Karen Kraft
Head Coach Stacy McDonald
Associate/Other Head Coach(es)
National Championships
State Championships
Regional/County Championships 2018
Region/County Location Region IX (2013-)
Region XII (2012)
Highest Finish Small School Champions at Texas State 2014
School Website http://www.friscoisd.org/ly/schools/lonestar/

Lone Star High School was the sixth high school to open up in Frisco ISD, continuing the rapid expansion of the Frisco Independent School District. Like most of Frisco's other new high schools, it did not have a graduating class its first year. However, unlike other Frisco ISD schools, its graduating class sizes were far under capacity for several years, and for that reason it remained a Small School for its first four seasons.

It is not currently known whether or not Lone Star fielded a team during its first year. However, in its second year, the team managed to go to State, where they took third place in the Small Schools competition. The next year saw them reach second place, and in 2014 they at last managed to seize the title of Small School State Champions.

In 2015, Lone Star moved up to the Medium division, yet still continued to find success, beating out all the other Frisco teams to claim the title of Region IX Champion in 2018.

Performance Chart
Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank
2022 34,466.6 45th overall, 15th in Medium 38,638.0 36th overall, 14th in Medium
2021 36,336.9 N/A 37,531.1 45th overall, 13th in Medium
2020 34,796.4 82nd overall, 24th in Medium 36,480.5 57th overall, 19th in Medium
2019 37,628.5 62nd overall, 17th in Medium 39,215.8 52nd overall, 17th in Medium
2018 41,881.9 35th overall, 8th in Medium 45,470.0 24th overall, 6th in Medium
2017 41,379.7 30th overall, 11th in Medium 44,211.9 21st overall, 8th in Medium
2016 40,759.0 43rd overall, 14th in Medium 44,210.7 30th overall, 11th in Medium
2015 38,833.2 42nd overall, 14th in Medium 39,105.5 39th overall, 12th in Medium
2014 40,438 19th overall, 1st in Small 41,425.1 19th overall, 1st in Small
2013 ~35,000? 55th overall, 2nd in Small 37,512.7 41st overall, 2nd in Small
2012 32,841 70th overall, 5th in Small 36,308.9 58th overall, 3rd in Small
2011 ? ? ? ?
State Records (As of 2018)
Category Student Year Score
Honors Overall Score Emily Heraty 2018 9,186.6
Scholastic Overall Score Chris Washington 2016 8,314.0
Varsity Overall Score Lauren Bridwell 2018 7,570.7