Reedy High School

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Reedy High School
Reedy High School logo
School Founded '15
Team Established '16
City Frisco, Texas
Team Colors Green, Blue, & Silver
Principal Jon-Eric Ziaer
Head Coach Matthew Fontana
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Nancy J Lambert
National Championships 0
State Championships 0
Regional/County Championships Region IX (2021), Region IX (2022)
Region/County Location Region XI (2016), Region IX (2017-)
Highest Finish 2nd at Medium School State 2022
School Website

Reedy High School was the eighth high school to open up in Frisco Independent School District. Competing in the Small School Division its opening year, Reedy High School has since competed in the Medium School Division.

Performance Chart
Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank
2024 NA NA NA NA
2023 NA NA NA NA
2022 44,449.3 5th overall, 2nd in Medium 47,986.0 4th overall, 2nd in Medium
2021 45,602.5 46,385.4 6th overall, 4th in Medium
2020 40,643.2 32nd overall, 6th in Medium 42,739.5 24th overall, 8th in Medium
2019 40,746.7 42nd overall, 11th in Medium 37,063.4 60th overall, 21st in Medium
2018 40,981.1 44th overall, 12th in Medium 43,667.9 36th overall, 11th in Medium
2017 35,087.3 76th overall, 25th in Medium 36,085.5 61st overall, 22nd in Medium
2016 29,339 142nd overall, 13th in Small DNQ DNQ
State Records (As of 2022)
Category Student Year Score
Honors Overall Score Sarah Varghese 2019 8,950.4
Scholastic Overall Score William Hogsett 2022 8,338.1
Varsity Overall Score Farhan Iqbal 2022 8,841.4

Please refer to the RHS AcDec website for more information

2022 Team[edit]

Student Division Grade Round 1 Regionals State
Daniel Strickler H1 12 5,580.0 8,287.9 8,595.1
Jade Huang H2 11 5,577.0 7,917.9 8,242.9
Kashvi Vijay H3 10 5,863 8,607.1 8,813.4
William Hogsett S1 12 4,751 8,000.7 8,338.1
Blake Webb S2 11 4,103 6,127.9 6,792.4
Felipe Anea S3 12 4,046 6,268.6 7,438.7
Farhan Iqbal V1 12 5,154 8,372.1 8,841.4
Zachary Wilson V2 11 2,823 4,912.9 5,959.3
Srinija Gundlapally V3 9 2,354 4,362.1 5,149.3
Team 28,274 44,449.3 47,986.0

2024 Bio[edit]


2023 Bio[edit]


2022 Bio[edit]

After 7 members from the greatest team Reedy had seen graduated, it looked like it would be a year to rebuild. However, Kashvi, Will, and Jade suddenly appeared from the heavens above, promising us that a better future was in store. After the Irving scrimmage in November, Reedy finally began grinding seriously (as was tradition) and increased scores at a tremendous rate. Following a 69 point loss at the district competition (round 1), the team members were more motivated than ever to make sure they didn't lose twice. Finally, once hours of grinding objectives and neglecting subjectives had passed, regionals came. Despite being one of the toughest series of tests Reedy had seen, the team prevailed over the region 9 Medium division, securing their second consecutive regionals gold and carrying on the legacy of the previous year's team, who were all watching from the heavens of college.

The team was a ragtag bunch. But a diverse one! Only 3 members of the team had been involved in AcDec directly before, H1 Daniel, S3 Felipe, and V1 Farhan. The rest were all promising newcomers. Jade Huang, a junior who signed up for AcDec on a whim, proved her prowess with both her music theory talents and her creative talents. Kashvi Vijay, a sophomore(!), became a Reedy legend breaking numerous records in her first year competing! William Hogsett, a senior who joined from a recommendation was one of the most devoted people on the team. His passion for AcDec inspired everyone to succeed, and further catapulted his incredible performances. Blake Webb, a League of Legends addicted junior, had some unconventional studying methods, but proved to be a great asset to the team. Zachery Wilson joined on recommendation from his brother and was very well-spoken, picking things up quickly. And finally, Srinija Gundlapally, the only freshman on the team, showed her dedication and promised Reedy AcDec a bright future.

As for the returning veterans, Daniel, Felipe, and Farhan, they vowed to carry on the legacy of their graduates, with the goal of making their final year in the program a spectacular one. All three of them had been in the program for many years and this was their final chance. For the sake of their former graduates, primarily Akshay, they had to carry on and ensure the program would remain strong. Daniel was an incredibly dedicated member and was elected president of Reedy Acdec. He committed himself to the team tirelessly, even breaking his phone for everyone's sake, demonstrating his true dedication. Felipe, who had moved from Varsity to Scholastic knew he had to step up his game from last year. To prove that he could be valuable, he decided to make up for last year's performance by committing himself as well. And finally, Farhan had moved from Scholastic to Varsity for this year. Already a strong scholastic, he decided he would not stop until he became invaluable to the team through his scores and his vlogging (leadership).

2021 Team[edit]

Student Division Grade Round 1 Regionals State
Doha Mahmoud H1 12 5,648.6 8,414.3 8,365.7
Akshay Sethi H2 12 5,531.4 8,481.4 8,750
Rithvi Anakal H3 12 5,791.4 8,771.1 8,862
Sitara Hariharan S1 12 5,065.7 7,932.1 8,286.4
Farhan Iqbal S2 11 4,780 7,679.3 7,979.3
Sherry Kang S3 12 4,354.3 6,563.6 6,937.9
Connor Leuthold V1 12 4,240 6,925.7 6,531.4
Elijah Wilson V2 12 3,462.9 5,812.9 5,975.7
Felipe Anea V3 11 3,082.9 5,455.7 5,252.9
Team 28,988.6 45,602.50 46,385.4

2021 Bio[edit]

7 seniors on the team. Their last year of Academic Decathalon. To be written...

2020 Team[edit]

Student Division Grade Round 1 Regionals State
Rithvi Anakal H1 11 5,497.1 8,335.3 8,282.1
Ava-Grace Doyle H2 12 4,742.9 7,582.6 7,864.9
Doha Mahmoud H3 11 4,574.3 7,575.1 7,901.7
Ryan Hunt S1 12 3,688.6 6,052.6 6,642.6
Connor Leuthold S2 11 3,456.7 6,209.3 6,518
Archit Nikalje S3 11 3,277.1 6,243.1 6,369.7
Jonathan Guidry V1 12 3,797.1 5,929.1 6,371.4
Nathan Sonne V2 12 3,662.9 6,343.8 7,043.7
Elijah Wilson V3 11 2,971.4 5,516 5,987.9
Team 24,700 40,643.1 42,759.5

2020 Bio[edit]

You wanna know about the 2020 team whippersnapper? It was majestic, we rode into San Antonio on white stallions and partied all night before the awards ceremony. And best of all, we took home 3rd place at State Super Quiz, kicking Lebanon Trail's stupid a**.

You wish you were a part of the 2020 team.

Overall Individual Scores[edit]

Honors (all 8k+ scores)
Place Student Year Meet Score
1 Sarah Varghese 2019 State 8,950.4
2 Rithvi Anakal 2021 State 8,862.6
3 Kashvi Vijay 2022 State 8,813.4
4 Akshay Sethi 2021 State 8,750
5 Masaraat Asif 2018 State 8,654.1
6 Daniel Strickler 2022 State 8,595.1
7 Doha Mahmoud 2021 Regionals 8,414.3
8 Rithvi Anakal 2020 Regionals 8,335.3
9 Jade Huang 2022 State 8,242.9
10 Masaraat Asif 2019 State 8,130.3
11 AvaGrace Doyle 2019 State 8,038.1
Scholastic (all 7k+ scores)
Place Student Year Meet Score
1 William Hogsett 2022 State 8,338.1
2 Sitara Hariharan 2021 State 8,286.4
3 Farhan Iqbal 2021 State 7,979.3
4 Josh Antonini 2019 State 7,606.9
5 Josh Antonini 2018 State 7,466
6 Felipe Anea 2022 State 7,438.7
7 Jacob Johnson 2018 State 7,215.9
Varsity (all 6k+ scores)
Place Student Year Meet Score
1 Farhan Iqbal 2022 State 8,841.4
2 Nathan Sonne 2020 State 7,043.7
3 Connor Leuthold 2021 Regionals 6,925.7
4 Eddie Vaughan 2018 Regionals 6,501
5 Jonathan Guidry 2020 State 6,371.4