Independence High School

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Independence High School
Independence High School logo
School Founded '15
Team Established '15
City Frisco, Texas
Team Colors Purple & Black
Principal Alan Waligura
Head Coach Shelby Hasten
Associate/Other Head Coach(es)
National Championships
State Championships
Regional/County Championships
Region/County Location Region IX
Highest Finish 14th at Medium School State 2016
School Website

Independence High School was the seventh high school to open up in Frisco ISD, the first of three new high schools to open in three years. Unlike many other Frisco ISD schools, it started off as a Medium School rather than spending its formative years in the Small division.

Performance Chart
Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank
2022 28,760.0 DNQ DNQ
2021 30,343.6 N/A 30,378.5
2020 33,337.3 98th overall, 32nd in Medium DNQ DNQ
2019 36,099.3 72nd overall, 24th in Medium 35,144.9 68th overall, 26th in Medium
2018 37,552.8 75th overall, 23rd in Medium 41,049.3 51st overall, 16th in Medium
2017 37,847.8 50th overall, 16th in Medium 38,288.7 45th overall, 15th in Medium
2016 41,043.5 40th overall, 12th in Medium 41,400.6 40th overall, 14th in Medium
2015 33,313.6 96th overall, 26th in Medium DNQ DNQ
State Records (As of 2018)
Category Student Year Score
Honors Overall Score Taha Hassan 2018 8,607.3
Scholastic Overall Score Vignesh Chilecampali 2016 7,417.1
Varsity Overall Score Mayank Nakra 2018 6,706.6