Oliver Wendell Holmes High School

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Oliver Wendell Holmes/Business Careers High School

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School Founded 1964 (Holmes), 1991 (Business Careers)
Team Established 1985-1986
History Holmes won 15 of 17 Region IV titles from 1992-2008, one state title (1994) and four top five finishes.
City San Antonio, Texas
Team Colors Green, Gold, and White
Principal Ada Bohlken
Head Coach Diana Johnston, Diana Mills, Robert Stafford
Associate/Other Head Coach(es)
National Championships None
State Championships 1, (1994)
Regional/County Championships 15 (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
Region/County Location Region IV
Highest Finish Third in National Finals (1994)
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Oliver Wendell Holmes High School, is a school located in San Antonio, Texas. From the 1990s to 2008, Holmes was dominant at Regional Competitions, winning all but two regional competitions from 1992 to 2008 (2000 and 2002) and was highly competitive at the State level during this time, persistently ranking in the top ten at state in this same time period, securing a state title in 1994, a second place finish in 2006, a third place finish in 2005, a fourth place finish in 1997 and two fifth place finishes (1995 and 2007).

Opening Years (1985-1993)[edit]

Holmes founded its first AD team, with Adriano M. Gonzalez as the coach in 1985-86. The team first qualified for state in 1988-1989.

Out of the Blue (1994)[edit]

In 1994, Holmes exited the Region competitions as a Region Champion, and for the first time, had amassed a point total higher than the perennial State Championship power Richardson J.J. Pearce. Holmes fought off J.J. Pearce, Garland, Plano Senior, and Katy Taylor to win their first State Championship title in Holmes Academic Decathlon History. Holmes then received the chance to compete at the National level. Despite an excellent performance, Holmes lost SuperQuiz (which was Relay-only until the late nineties) by a single question to California William Howard Taft and Massachusetts. Holmes also became the first Texas team to finish Bronze (3rd), snapping a four year win streak for Texas.

Remaining Competitive (1995-1997)[edit]

1995 saw the Huskies attempt to defend their state title. The Huskies won their sixth straight Regional title, but finished fifth at state, ending the repeat bid. 1996 and 1997 was more of the same, with Holmes winning region and continuing to stay in the top ten.

Return to Prominence (1998)[edit]

1998 was a classic year for the Huskies. Led by Angel Arellano, the number one varsity at state, Holmes won region and then entered state second, just behind Katy Taylor. However, Holmes could not hold on to the surge, as Katy Taylor repeated as State Champions, and Holmes finished fourth.

Strong performances and setbacks (1999-2002)[edit]

While Holmes remained competitive at the state level, the Huskies won their tenth straight region title in 1999, but in 2000, disaster struck. Holmes lost the Region competition to Judson High School, the first loss in Region since 1990. Despite the loss, Holmes advanced to state, and destroyed Judson in the rankings, but fell to Katy James E. Taylor. 2001 saw the Region title return to Holmes, and Holmes finished tenth at state. One of the many bright spots for 2001 was when Holmes student Brad Goodine (a freshman), made the team, the first occurrence of this feat happening at Holmes. 2001 also saw the arrival of Juliana Sanchez as one of the Holmes coaches.

2002, however, was the opposite of 2001. Holmes lost the Region title again, this time to Northside Taft (led by Brian Lawerence). The 2002 State competition would only add to the Huskies woes, as Holmes finished 19th at state, their worst finish since the late eighties. In addition, 2002 brought about a legal dispute as who won the state competition between Lubbock and J. Frank Dobie High School. In the end, the Texas Academic Decathlon's ruling that Lubbock won was upheld, and Lubbock represented the state at Nationals.

Back to Normal (2003)[edit]

In 2003, Holmes won the Region title for the 12th time, and progressed to state, where the Huskies finished with just over 45,000 points and in sixth place.

Winds of Change (2004)[edit]

2004 saw many of Holmes greatest decathletes in recent years competing and making the team, including James Hall, David Urrabazo, Joseph Bayona, Huy Nguyen and Kort Everett Jackson. They were joined by the returning all-star cast of 2003: Kristina McDonald, Shirley Field, Minh Tran, and Charles Kirtland (an alternate in 2002 and 2003). Despite winning Region and in great position to win State 2004, Holmes finished seventh.

The Return to Glory (2005-Present)[edit]

After State 2004, Holmes immediately began the process to improve the remainder of the 2004 team. The team added Sherrie Linsteadt as a coach, and fielded from the new recruits Jon-Ross Trevino, Norman Bayona (a freshman), April Rose Ledesma (who tried out in 2004, but did not make the team), and Daniel Cassel (a senior originally from Bandera who never competed prior to arriving at Holmes). With the new team, 2005 saw the school repeat as Region Champions, but now just 800 points away from the State title. Holmes could not make up the ground, and the Huskies finished third. Despite the departure of James Hall (the number one varsity), Huy Nguyen, Daniel Cassel and David Urrabazo (the number three scholastic), Holmes was determined to finally win state in 2006 for the first time since 1994. The team then added Redmond-Craig Anderson, Lesly Espana, Lindsey Francesco, and Michael Whitaker.

Holmes then proceded to win the Northside Invitational, and the King Meet. At Regionals, the Huskies defeated Northside Clark for the Regional Championship, this time by almost 7,000 points, and had seven Decathletes medal in the overall individual. Holmes was in second place going into the State competition, and remained in second place at state. Joseph Bayona was first place overall varsity, and Lindsey Francesco was Fifth place overall varsity.

In 2007, Holmes won a tougher region competition, despite losing Joseph Bayona, April Rose Ledesma, Lindsey Francesco, and Kort Everett Jackson to graduation in 2006. Holmes finished fifth in state, and Norman Bayona finished fifth overall scholastic.

2008 saw the Huskies win their sixth consecutive region championship, scoring 44,202 points and edging out Sandra Day O'Connor by just 532 points. At state, the Huskies finished 9th at state, a drop of one place since entering state in 2008 at 8th place, but Holmes managed a small gain in points overall, while Norman Bayona finished 3rd overall Varsity.

Rebuild (2009)[edit]

Starting in the 2008-2009 year, the Holmes Huskies were projected to once again win their region and place in the top ten at state. But a very strong Warren team quickly changed those projections, and by the performance of Warren at the December Meet at Holmes, many projected Holmes would fail to win Regionals for the first time since 2002. Also adding to the teams problems was that the team had several new students and a O'Connor team that saw little damage initially dealt to it by the opening of rival school Brandeis. In the end, the Huskies lost to both Warren and O'Connor, finishing third for the first time since Holmes won their first known title in 1993 and snapping a six year Regional Championship streak. The team entered state at 21st and slid to 24th, the worst finish for a state-bound Husky team school history. Despite all the bad news, the team did have a few bright spots: John Kim won second place in the Scholastic division, and Adriano Gonzalez won the Coach of The Year award.

Final Rankings[edit]

Year Region Rank Region Score State Rank State Score Nationals Rank Nationals Score
2008 CHAMPIONS ? 9th 44,300 DNQ DNQ
2007 CHAMPIONS ? 5th ? DNQ DNQ
2006 CHAMPIONS ? 2nd ? DNQ DNQ
2005 CHAMPIONS ? 3rd ? DNQ DNQ
2004 CHAMPIONS ? 7th ? DNQ DNQ
2003 CHAMPIONS ? 6th ? DNQ DNQ
2002 2nd ? 19th ? DNQ DNQ
2001 CHAMPIONS ? 9th ? DNQ DNQ
2000 2nd ? 7th ? DNQ DNQ
1999 CHAMPIONS ? 6th ? DNQ DNQ
1998 CHAMPIONS ? 4th ? DNQ DNQ
1997 CHAMPIONS ? 6th ? DNQ DNQ
1995 CHAMPIONS ? 5th ? DNQ DNQ
1994 CHAMPIONS ? CHAMPIONS 48,070 3rd 46,xxx

Team Rosters[edit]

Coaches are in bold.


Honors Scholastic Varsity
Adam Brown John Kim Norman Bayona, Jr.
Victor Castano Charles Mercer, IV Alex Calleros
Megan Cobarruvias Hannah Swafford Travis Kirtland

Coaches: Adriano M. Gonzalez, Juliana Sanchez, Sherrie Linsteadt, Vilma Lang, David Alvarado


Honors Scholastic Varsity
Redmond-Craig Anderson Norman Bayona, Jr. Johnathan (J.D.) Diaz
Megan Cobarruvias Charles Mercer, IV ?
Jon-Ross Trevino ? ?

Coaches: Adriano M. Gonzalez, Juliana Sanchez, Sherrie Linsteadt, Vilma Lang, David Alvarado


Honors Scholastic Varsity
April Rose Ledesma Norman Bayona, Jr. Joseph Bayona
Redmond-Craig Anderson Kort Everett Jackson Lindsey Francesco
Jon-Ross Trevino Lessly Espana Michael Whitaker

Coaches: Adriano M. Gonzalez, Juliana Sanchez, Sherrie Linsteadt, Vilma Lang, David Alvarado


Honors Scholastic Varsity
April Rose Ledesma David Urrabazo, Jr. James Hall
Vinh Le Huy Nguyen Norman Bayona, Jr. Joseph Bayona
Jon-Ross Trevino Kort Everett Jackson Daniel Cassel

Coaches: Adriano M. Gonzalez, Juliana Sanchez, Sherrie Linsteadt, Vilma Lang, David Alvarado

2004 State[edit]

Honors Scholastic Varsity
Kristina McDonald Minh Tran James Hall
Shirley Field David Urrabazo, Jr. Joseph Bayona
Vinh Le Huy Ngyuen Charles Kirtland Kort Everett Jackson*

Coaches: Adriano M. Gonzalez, Juliana Sanchez, Vilma Lang, David Alvarado

* KEJ was a varsity student all three years, but was competing as a scholastic at every meet except the 2004 State Meet.

2004 Regionals[edit]

Honors Scholastic Varsity
Kristina McDonald Minh Tran James Hall
Shirley Field David Urrabazo, Jr. Charles Kirtland
Vinh Le Huy Ngyuen Kort Everett Jackson Joseph Bayona

Coaches: Adriano M. Gonzalez, Juliana Sanchez, Vilma Lang, David Alvarado

Coaching History[edit]

Adriano M. Gonzalez (1985-Present)

June Newton (1984/1985-1986/1987?; 1994/1995-1999/2000)

Sandra Gardner (1987/1988?-1993/1994)

Juliana Sanchez (2000/2001-Present)

Vilma Lang (2002/2003?-Present)

Sherrie Linstedt (2004/2005-2007/2008)


Year Score Rank
2008 44,300 9
2007 43,161 5
2006 44,311 2
2005 44,983 3
2004 43,843 7
2003 45,042 6
2002 42,451 19
2001 40,116 10
2000 47,862 7
1999 - 6
1998 46,779 4
1997 - 6
1996 45,035 9
1995 - -
1994 46,362 1
1993 42,929 12