Lloyd V. Berkner High School

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Lloyd V. Berkner High School
Lloyd V. Berkner High School logo
School Founded
Team Established 1984?
History Berkner was considered to be the closest of J.J. Pearce's major rivals, taking third in 1986 and remained competitive throughout the early to mid 1990's and has experienced a resurgence in recent years, advancing to state every year since 2005.
City Richardon, Texas
Team Colors Green and Black
Principal Ron Griffin
Head Coach Dean Webb (2003-Present)
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Tanya Gregson
National Championships None
State Championships None
Regional/County Championships ? (Unconfirmed data)
Region/County Location Region X
Highest Finish 3rd in Texas State Championship (1986, ?)
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Early years of Berkner[edit]

Berkner was a force to be reckoned with in the early years of the Texas Academic Decathlon, and was considered exceptionally competitive, giving crosstown rival J.J. Pearce a challenge in the 1986 Texas Academic Decathlon State Championship. Pearce would ultimately win, with Berkner in third. However, one Berkner student, Dean Webb, would perform well enough to capture a overall slot in the scholastic category. Berkner would continue to be competitive throughout the eighties and early nineties before slowly fading from the state background.

The Return of Dean Webb and resurgence of Berkner[edit]

Berkner would begin to come back into focus at the state level when Dean Webb returned to coach at Berkner. In 2005, Berkner made it to state, finishing in the top twenty in the 5A competition. Berkner repeated such feat in 2006. In 2007, Berkner slipped to a dangerous point, but managed to finish fifth in the hotly contested Region X competition and advance to state where they would shock the entire state by putting forth a furious rally to take third in the Super Quiz Relay, and Third overall in Team Super Quiz, finishing within the worth of a single relay question (80 points) from winning Super Quiz. 2008 was a more competitive year, but Berkner made it to their fourth consecutive state appearance in a row.

Due to the nature of the Academic Decathlon competition, there was a brief smudge in Berkner's team history starting in the year 2009. (In other words, everyone studied so hard that they stopped writing down how well they did at state, thus causing a brief void in the historical records of Berkner High School.) Luckily however, due to the extensive efforts of spelunker extraordinaire Richard Lander, a historical account of the 2011-2012 school year was eventually plumbed from the depths of a Bollywood-laden cave known commonly as "Mr. Webb's Room." This record, although highly obscured by scribblings of "Hail Britannia" and "yards of cloth", was eventually translated into english by famous badasses Francis Drake and Hubert Lyautey. The record held claims that at the 2012 state competition the Berkner AcDec team placed second in Super Quiz relay with two team members winning additional medals in speech.


It is unclear what future may hold for Berkner, but if past success is indicative, Berkner may yet reach and/or surpass its past marks.