North Hollywood High School

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North Hollywood High School
North Hollywood High School logo
School Founded 1927
Team Established ?
History North Hollywood High School has placed in the top 10 in every LAUSD and California state competition it participated in during the last decade.
City North Hollywood, California
Team Colors Blue, White, Gray
Principal Mr. Ricardo Rosales
Head Coach Raul Barragan
Associate/Other Head Coach(es)
National Championships
State Championships
Regional/County Championships
Region/County Location LAUSD
Highest Finish Third in Division I, California (2009)
School Website

North Hollywood High School

5231 Colfax Avenue

North Hollywood, CA 91601

(818) 595-7500

School Profile[edit]

Also known as NoHo, North Hollywood High School serves approximately 3,000 students each year. This public school enjoys a highly gifted magnet program and repeated success in Academic Decathlon as well as the Science Bowl.

Academic Decathlon: Notable years[edit]

Little is known about the North Hollywood Academic Decathlon team prior to 2001. The only record is in 2000, when they placed 9th in LAUSD, but did not advance to state.

2000-2001: Breakthrough[edit]

In 2001, a 21-year old new coach, Altair Maine, and MIT-bound decathlete Michael Nagle guided the North Hollywood Academic Decathlon team to 5th at regionals with 41,257 points, which earned them their first berth at the California state competition. In its first year at state, NoHo broke the top ten, placing 8th with 40,887 points.

2001-2002: Rise to Glory[edit]

Determined to join the upper echelons of California Academic Decathlon programs, a highly motivated NoHo team pulled all the stops on studying, even setting aside two weeks for a cram session in a cabin in the Mojave Desert. As the 2002 LAUSD city competition approached, speculators hoped for North Hollywood to topple six-time LAUSD winner El Camino Real High School. The regionals awards ceremony saw NoHo honor Philip Tanedo and varsity Fredy Gonzalez each winning first overall in their divisions. The Huskies also won the math and art events. Tanedo's total score of 8,461.7 was the highest in the entire competition. El Camino Real, however, emerged triumphant with 47,213.3 points, far above North Hollywood's 45,273. The Huskies still placed second in the LAUSD, a key accomplishment for the school. Maine and his team advanced to state and improved their score to 45,731.6, which netted them fourth overall.


North Hollywood racked up another top ten finish at the California state finals, scoring a new school record of 47,029.7 points.


At the 2006 LAUSD championship, Maine was honored as Coach of the Year along with Karyn Newbill of Palisades Charter High School. NoHo scholastic James Pellegren was the 2nd highest scoring LAUSD scholastic with 8,807 points, currently the 9th highest scholastic score in California Academic Decathlon history. At state, Pellegren garnered four gold medals and one silver medal and was the highest scoring scholastic in the state with 8,711 points.

2006-2007: Quantum Leap[edit]

In the 2006-2007 school year, Maine stepped down as coach to focus on Science Olympiad and former Los Angeles High School coach Jim Hatem took the reins. Surprisingly, Hatem’s first year of coaching produced one of the best Academic Decathlon team in North Hollywood’s history. At the LAUSD Round 1 Scrimmage, NoHo soared to 34,823 points, the highest score in the country by a margin of over 2,600 points. Unfortunately, Granada Hills and El Camino Real leaped ahead of North Hollywood to place 1st and 2nd at LAUSD with 49,775 and 48,881 points, respectively. North Hollywood’s 48,113 points, however, was the third highest score in the country, behind those of Granada Hills and El Camino Real. Hatem ended a highly successful year by leading the NoHo squad to 4th at state with 49,420 points. Highlights included Jasmine Florentine winning first overall in Honors at both LAUSD (8,929 points) and California State (8,942 points).


Returning honors decathletes Susana Cervantes and Mary Beth Yu as well as Hatem’s continued excellent coaching led the Huskies to a repeat of their performance in 2006-2007. NoHo again placed 3rd in LAUSD, scoring 48,093.8 points, but did not improve by the same amount as the previous year’s team and dropped to 5th at state, where they amassed 48,926.7 points. Notable achievements included honor Sarah Kim’s perfect 1,000 in Super Quiz at regionals and Cervantes’s overall score of 8,703 at state.


Aaron Kaufman was the top scholastic and second highest scoring individual in LAUSD with 8,839 points, which bested Pellegren's record from 2006. North Hollywood also placed 3rd in the state for the first time in the school’s history.

Performance Chart[edit]

Year Regional Score Regional Rank State Score State Rank
2019 41,152.9 5
2018 41,196.2 11 41,898.0 50
2017 40,389.8 10 43,424.5 46
2016 41,487.1 12 42,806.5 51
2015 42,407.2 8 41,898.0 31
2014 38,437.8 12 38,962.8 46
2013 38,473.5 10 35,548.7 45
2012 36,471.0 15 DNQ DNQ
2011 34,499.0 21 DNQ DNQ
2010 Unknown Unknown DNQ DNQ
2009 46,986 2 48,015.9 3
2008 48,093.8 3 48,926.7 5
2007 48,113.3 3 49,420 5
2006 43,970.9 7 43,422.1 9
2005 47,135.7 3 47,029.7 7
2004 DNC? DNC? DNC? DNC?
2003 43,835.7 5 45,354.2 5
2002 45,273 2 45,731.6 4
2001 41,257 4 40,887 8
2000 ? 9 DNQ DNQ

Record Board[edit]

Overall Team: 2007 State - 49,420

Honors: Jasmine Florentine, 2007 State - 8,946

Scholastic: Aaron Kaufman, 2009 Regionals - 8,839

Varsity: Cannot be determined