Richardson High School

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Richardson High School
Richardson High School logo
School Founded 1890
Team Established
City Richardon, Texas
Team Colors Purple and Gold
Principal Charles Bruner
Head Coach Michael Hill
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Sara Korotkow
National Championships
State Championships
Regional/County Championships
Region/County Location X
Highest Finish
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Richardson High School[edit]

Coached by Michael Hill and Sara Korotkow, the Richardson High School Academic Decathlon team consists of a diverse, silly group of sophomores through seniors dedicated to making steady improvements and becoming a force to be reckoned.

In January 2012, a team consisting of counting members Marin Young (H, 10), Wilson Yeh (H, 11), Hannah Born (S, 11), Jasmine Hamid (S, 12), Caleb Born (V, 12), and William Kuhn (V, 12) scored 33.5k at the Region X meet. The under-2,000-point gap between Richardson and State inspired the returners to work harder than ever, and a new team with incredible potential was recruited.

The 2013 team sent 15 Decathletes to make Richardson's first showing at the Rockwall Invitational, where the six Honors, six Scholastic, and three Varsity members present took 9th place with a seven-event team score of 25.8k. Twelve students medaled: Honors Marin Young in economics, Scholastic Hannah Born in art, Scholastic Stuart Seelman in social science, Varsity Abbie Harris in language and literature, and over half the team in math, including perfect scores by Honors Marin Young, Kevin Sun, Wilson Yeh, and Peter Mikhael, and Scholastics Patrick Ralston and Hannah Born (who later in the season was miraculously found to be a varsity).

2013 saw the remarkable return of the school as it finished tenth overall for large schools at Regional competition, narrowly missing 40k (without Super Quiz) and advancing to State for the first time since 2007. While qualifying for State was the team's goal and most celebrated achievement in Region X, other awards include an incredible third-place finish in both Super Quiz and overall for the team; six total subject medals (in math, music, economics, science, speech, and art) won by Marin Young, Olga Matveeva, and Hannah Born; and for the first time in Richardson history, two overall individual medals, second Honors for Marin Young and fifth Scholastic for first-year competitor Olga Matveeva.

Following this impressive run at Regionals, the team pushed valiantly through another month of hard work in preparation for a new level of competition. The effort paid off when four Richardson Decathletes medaled at the 2013 Texas State meet: Marin Young in economics, Chris Campbell in interview, and Olga Matveeva and Hannah Born in essay. The small score decrease from Regionals to State only encouraged the team, once again, to strive not just for success but for improvement and growth of the program.

In 2014, the team continued to build on the previous year's success in spite of unusually rigorous competition. On November 13, 2013, Richardson High School history was made when the team snagged the District (Round 1) championship for the first time in at least a decade. (Richardson's crosstown rival Pearce went on to narrowly eke out a victory at Regionals but could not defeat Richardson twice in a row.) Richardson earned ten medals at Regionals and eight at State, finishing the year strong with a team score of 41,237.

In 2015, Richardson won the RISD district scrimmage by a narrow margin of only one question. The team went on to show well at the Rockwall invitational with the top scoring varsity (Patrick R.) and one of the top showing varsity teams in the nation. At the Region X competition, RHS was the 2nd-highest scoring large school, had a 3rd place Super Quiz finish, and 18 individuals medals. They dropped a bit at State, but still had a 15th place showing with 42,506.2 and 4 individual medals.

Richardson strives to remember that its success has been anything but consistent and is not to be taken for granted. The team moves forward with high goals, letting the past serve not as a legacy of pride but as inspiration to continue the growth seen in recent years.

Medal Wall of Fame
Student Subject Category Place Score Competition Year
Caleb Born Art Varsity 3 560 Regionals 2012
Caleb Born Speech Varsity 3 953 Regionals 2012
Caleb Born Interview Varsity 3 913 Regionals 2012
Marin Young Math Honors 3 857 Regionals 2013
Marin Young Music Honors 3 800 Regionals 2013
Marin Young Science Honors 2 820 Regionals 2013
Marin Young Economics Honors 2 940 Regionals 2013
Marin Young Overall Honors 2 8,154 Regionals 2013
Olga Matveeva Speech Scholastic 1 990 Regionals 2013
Olga Matveeva Overall Scholastic 5 6,844 Regionals 2013
Hannah Born Art Varsity 1 720 Regionals 2013
Team Super Quiz (3,600 point system) All 3 2300 Regionals 2013
Team Overall (including SQ) All 3 42,253 Regionals 2013
Chris Campbell Interview Scholastic 3 993 State 2013
Olga Matveeva Essay Scholastic 2 918 State 2013
Hannah Born Essay Varsity 3 971 State 2013
Marin Young Economics Honors 3 940 State 2013
Marin Young Music Honors 1 1000 Regionals 2014
Marin Young Science Honors 2 920 Regionals 2014
Marin Young Social Science Honors 3 800 Regionals 2014
Marin Young Lang & Lit Honors 4 780 Regionals 2014
Marin Young Mathematics Honors 4 800 Regionals 2014
Emily White Speech Honors 1 1000 Regionals 2014
Emily White Art Honors 3 ? Regionals 2014
Patrick Ralston Economics Scholastic 4 ? Regionals 2014
Abbie Harris Interview Varsity 4 ? Regionals 2014
Lauren Amos Speech Varsity 1 1000 Regionals 2014
Marin Young Science Honors 1 980 State 2014
Marin Young Economics Honors 3 880 State 2014
Marin Young Music Honors 1 1000 State 2014
Marin Young Social Science Honors 3 880 State 2014
Marin Young Overall Honors 1 9,134.8 State 2014
Peter Mikhael Science Honors 3 920 State 2014
Peter Mikhael Interview Honors 2 996.7 State 2014
Lauren Amos Speech Varsity 3 956.7 State 2014
Patrick Ralston Overall Varsity 1 7,583.4 Regionals 2015
Emily White Art Honors 2 920 Regionals 2015
Patrick Ralston Art Varsity 4 740 Regionals 2015
Patrick Ralston Economics Varsity 2 860 Regionals 2015
Ashley Ubben Interview Scholastic 3 973.3 Regionals 2015
Katharine Gavitt Essay Honors 4 755 Regionals 2015
Emily White Lang & Lit Honors 2 800 Regionals 2015
Patrick Ralston Lang & Lit Varsity 1 660 Regionals 2015
Patrick Ralston Mathematics Varsity 2 885.7 Regionals 2015
Emily White Music Honors 3 880 Regionals 2015
Lauren Amos Music Varsity 3 640 Regionals 2015
Peter Mikhael Science Honors 4 920 Regionals 2015
Patrick Ralston Science Varsity 2 820 Regionals 2015
Emily White Speech Honors 4 990 Regionals 2015
Daniel Thorne Speech Scholastic 1 973.3 Regionals 2015
Conner Kraeplin Speech Varsity 1 986.7 Regionals 2015
Lauren Amos Speech Varsity 4 926.7 Regionals 2015
Team Overall All 3 42,729.6 Regionals 2015
Patrick Ralston Economics Varsity 3 800 State 2015
Lauren Amos Essay Varsity 2 960 State 2015
Patrick Ralston Mathematics Varsity 1 942.9 State 2015
Daniel Thorne Speech Scholastic 2 960 State 2015
  • In order to avoid incomplete information, this chart only includes 2012 R2, 2013 R2-R3, and 2014 R2-R3. Please note that 4th place medals were awarded at 2014 and 2015 R2 because two medium schools competed with the large schools in Region X.

Team Roster:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Rachel Macfarlane (12)
Rahfin Faruk (12)
Denise Crawford (11)

Benjamin Irwin (12)
Abby Diamond (12)
Jasmine Hamid (11)

Sabrina Brooks (12)
Katy Surratt (11)
Zack Jargowsky (12)
Marin Young (10)
Wilson Yeh (11)
Katherine Zahn (11)

Hannah Born (11)
Jasmine Hamid (12)
Daniela Nzali (12)

Caleb Born (12)
William Kuhn (12)
Derrick Parks (12)
Marin Young (11)
Wilson Yeh (12)
Emily White (10)

Olga Matveeva (12)
Stuart Seelman (12)
Chris Campbell (11)

Hannah Born (12)
Karisa Keith (12)
Abbie Harris (11)
Marin Young (12)
Emily White (11)
Peter Mikhael (11)

Patrick Ralston (11)
Koen Moore (10)
Yunuen Sigler (12)

Chris Campbell (12)
Abbie Harris (12)
Lauren Amos (11)
Emily White (12)
Peter Mikhael (12)
Katharine Gavitt (10)

Cole Odlozil (12)
Daniel Thorne (10)
Ashley Ubben (10)

Patrick Ralston (12)
Lauren Amos (12)
Conner Kraeplin (11)
  • Positions within each category for 2011 are unknown at this time. For instance, the student listed as H1 may actually have been H3.
Performance Chart
Year Regionals Score State Score
2016 41,480.7 40,652.2
2015 42,729.6 42,506.2
2014 39,920.4 41,237.8
2013 39,952 39,317
2012 33,543 DNC
2011 33,482 DNC
2010 28,780 DNC
2009 30,361 DNC
2008 31,775 DNC
2007 36,621 34,814
2006 36,462 35,520.8
2005 39,215 39,100.9
2004 40,991 42,167
2003 ? 44,352
2002 ? 42,617
2001 ? 37,240
2000 43,542 43,306
1999 ? 38,487
1998 41,965 39,359
1997 ? 42,396
1996 ? 43,576
1995 ? 34,119
1994 ? DNC
1993 41,356 40,692
1992 ? ?
1991 ? ?
1990 ? 40,540


Richardson High School Academic Decathlon owes much of our success to contributions from the RHS community, team members' families, and supportive friends. We would like to thank:

  • Sandra Hill, former head coach, for building the RHS AcDec team to what it is today.
  • Abbey Mitchell, Ngan Pham, and Brenna McConniel, the 2014 alternates, for doing everything they could to support and facilitate the competing team's success.
  • Mr. Charles Bruner, RHS Principal, for enthusiastically supporting Academic Decathlon from the very beginning of his days at Richardson.
  • Mr. Charles Pickett, past RHS Principal, for generous financial resources and enthusiastic support throughout the competition season.
  • Pamela Patton, Julie Harris, and Laura and Ty Young, frequent parent volunteers, for guest teaching and/or facilitating activities in the past year.
  • The Rockwall HS coaching team, for sharing wisdom with our coaches and hosting a well-run invitational that proved an invaluable learning experience for our team.
  • Coach Dean Webb, Berkner HS, for displaying an enthusiastic attitude about Decathlon and selflessly helping our coaches prepare organizationally for the State competition.
  • Coach Chris Yetman, Canyon Del Oro HS, for providing our team with study resources and extensive pacing wisdom.
  • Coach Todd Decker, South Mountain HS, for offering friendly encouragement and contributing study resources.
  • Coach Samuel Kullens, Franklin HS, for consistently providing encouraging words, valuable advice, and curricular and organizational materials.
  • Countless friends, for offering words of encouragement and believing in our team's potential. While our supporters are too many to list, among the most helpful have been Nick Synodis, Sebastian Garza, Robb Dooling, Will Bishop, and Brendan Guinn.

We appreciate these individuals and many more for their role in making Richardson a growing part of the Academic Decathlon community.