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Jordan Lakes High School
Jordan Lakes High School logo
School Founded 2020
Team Established 2020-2021
History The Warrior Decathlon team has qualified for the State Meet every year, including their inaugural year where they competed with only 10th graders.
City Katy, TX
Team Colors Gold and Black
Principal Dr. Ethan Crowell
Head Coach Jonathan Frishman
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Divya Kaushal
National Championships NONE
State Championships NONE
Regional/County Championships NONE
Region/County Location Region VII
Highest Finish 26th Place Overall Team TX MS Division (2022)
School Website Link

Jordan Lakes High School
27500 Fulshear Bend Dr.
Fulshear, Texas 77441
Team Website

Academic Decathlon[edit]

Team History[edit]

2021 - Inaugural Year[edit]

Team Members: Mrinalini Jithendra (10th), Ananya Bhawsinka (10th), Saumya Seth (10th), Yasha Kaushal (1th), Natalia Childress (10th), Ektha Mallam (10th), and Melak Alqaramali (10th).
Region VII MS Meet N/A
State MS Meet 29th Place Overall


Team Members: Mrinalini Jithendra (11th), Namrata Jithendra (11th), Vanshika Dheer (10th), Srilaasya Ganti (11th), Yasha Kaushal (11th), Abia Makkani (11th), Melak Alqaramali (11th), Natalia Childress (11th), Anjali Kodange (11th).
Region VII MS Meet 3rd Place Overall
State MS Meet 26th Place Overall


Team Members: Mrinalini Jithendra (12th), Jili Dai (11th), Vanshika Dheer (11th), Meghana Devarapalli (12th), Karthik Nuti (12th), Charlotte Holmes (10th), Melak Alqaramali (12th), Natalia Childress (12th), Abia Makkani (12th).
Region VII LS Meet TBD
State LS Meet TBD

Final State Rankings[edit]

TAD Medium School[edit]

Year Rank Score
2021 29 30,782.3
2022 26 33,525.3

TAD Large School[edit]

Year Rank Score
2023 N/A N/A

All Time High Scores[edit]

Team: 33,525.3 (2022 MS State Meet)
Honors: Ananya Bhawsinka - 7,689.1 (2021 MS State Meet)
Scholastic: Abia Makkani - 5,606.3 (2022 MS Region VII Meet)
Varsity: Natalia Childress - 5,156.4 (2022 MS State Meet)

Top State Scores[edit]

Updated as of March 2022.

Overall Individual Scores[edit]

Place Student Year Score
1 Ananya Bhawsinka 2021 7,689.1
2 Mrinalini Jithendra 2021 7,156.4
3 Vanshika Dheer 2022 6,705.9
4 Namrata Jithendra 2022 6,599.1
5 Saumya Seth 2021 6,592.0
6 Mrinalini Jithendra 2022 6,483.0
Place Student Year Score
1 Abia Makkani 2022 5,380.3
2 Yasha Kaushal 2022 4,660.7
3 Yasha Kaushal 2021 4,486.7
4 Natalia Childress 2021 4,462.0
5 Srilaasya Ganti 2022 4,410.0
Place Student Year Score
1 Natalia Childress 2022 5,156.4
2 Anjali Kodange 2022 5,022.9
3 Melak Alqaramali 2022 4,165.0
4 Melak Alqaramali 2021 3,515.7
5 Ektha Mallam 2021 3,472.4