Beverly Hills High School

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Beverly Hills High School

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School Founded 1927
Team Established 1982
City Beverly Hills, California
Team Colors Orange, Black
Principal Mark Mead
Head Coach Dustin Mathias
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Ann-Marie Fine
National Championships
State Championships 3 (1984, 1985, 1986)
Regional/County Championships 9 (1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1996, 2004, 2013)
Region/County Location Los Angeles County
Highest Finish Second in National Finals (1984,1985,1986)
School Website

School Profile[edit]

Beverly Hills High School is a public institution of education.

Academic Decathlon[edit]

Beverly Hills High School (often abbreviated "BHHS") was one of the very first teams to participate in the Academic Decathlon following the founding of USAD. BHHS scored first place in the first county competition in Los Angeles County (1982), and went on to score first in California in 1984, 1985, and 1986. Under coach Ms. Wortman, the team came in second place in the 1984, 1985, and 1986 national competitions. Ms. Wortman continued to coach the team through the 1980s, and helped the team to maintain their high performance. Following her retirement as coach of the academic decathlon, the team was taken over by Mr. Borsum, who helped the team to win county twice more. However, with the rise of schools such as El Camino Real and Granada Hills, BHHS never made it to nationals again. Recently, under the instruction of Ms. Yoseph, the team has managed to regain some of its lost fame. In 2013, Ms. Yoseph led a team that scored the highest score in BHHS's history. This team scored 5th at the state competition, a feat that had not been accomplished for over a decade. This year produced the highest scorers in BHHS history, including Jenny Chieu (Honors), David Mnitsa (Scholastic), and Victor Lee (Varsity-6th highest in history). Also noteworthy is Heidi Hart, who scored the second highest Varsity score ever at BHHS. In 2014, the BHHS team scored 5th at the state competition once again.

Record Board[edit]

Overall Team: 2013 State - 49,122.3

Superquiz Team: 2019 State - 5,320

E-National Individual Finals: Katie Wu (H), 2019 Nationals - 7,454.6

Honors Individual: Katie Wu (H), 2019 Regionals - 9,106.4

Scholastic Individual: David Mnitsa (S), 2013 State - 8,617.0

Varsity Individual: Victor Lee (V), 2013 State - 8,863.5

Art Individual: Douglas Wu (H), 2015 Regionals - 980

Economics Individual: Victor Lee (V), 2013 State; Sam Schwartz (H), 2016 State - 980

Interview Individual: Laurie Wang (H), 2014 Regionals; Sam Schwartz (H), 2015 State; Jonathan Gunn (H), 2016 Regionals - 1,000

Language & Literature Individual: Heidi Hart (V), 2013 Regionals - 940

Mathematics Individual: Ariel Hecht (H), 2004 State; Victor Lee (S), 2012 Regionals; Victor Lee (V), 2013 Regionals; Douglas Wu (H), 2015 Regionals; Douglas Wu (H), 2015 State; Sam Schwartz (H), 2016 State - 1,000; Timothy Kim (S), 2018 Regionals

Music Individual: Victor Lee (V), 2013 Regionals; Sam Schwartz (H), 2015 Regionals - 960

Social Science Individual: Jenny Chieu (H), 2013 State - 960

Science Individual: Victor Lee (V), 2013 State - 1,000

Speech Individual: Grace Delee (V), 2014 State; Sam Schwartz (H), 2016 Regionals; Noah Pals (S), 2018 State; Daniel Wiener (V), 2018 State; Nellie Soames (S), 2019 Regionals - 1,000