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Pearland High School
Pearland High School logo
School Founded 1937
Team Established 1982
History Pearland advanced to its first state competition in 2005 and was the first 50,000 score by a Texan team since 2000 Katy Taylor.
City Pearland, Texas
Team Colors Maroon, White and Black
Principal Larry Berger
Head Coach Robert Layne
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Scott Crossno, Corey Cogswell
National Championships None
State Championships 3 (2008,2009,2015)
Regional/County Championships 8 (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013,2014,2015)
Region/County Location Region V
Highest Finish First in 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2015 Texas Academic Decathlon Large School State Championship
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Pearland Academic Decathlon Coaches[edit]

The Pearland Academic Decathlon team (PACADEC) won the Texas Academic Decathlon in 2008 and 2009 and took first place in the state large school competition in 2012. Robert Layne has been head coach since 2002; he teaches AP World History. Assistant coaches Scott Crossno and Corey Cogswell joined the program in 2008. Crossno teaches AP US History and AP European History. Cogswell teaches AP Calculus AB and BC.


The Academic Decathlon team at Pearland was formed in 1982 by Jackie Scott. After limited success for the first two decades of the program, Robert Layne became head coach of the program in 2002 and quickly brought the team to prominence. In the 2004-05 season, Pearland placed second at the Region V regionals behind Deer Park with a score of 36,398, which was enough for them to qualify for the state competition. Pearland placed 33rd at the state competition in what was their first trip to the state level with an overall score of 37,226. In the 2005-06 season, PACADEC won its first regional championship with a 41,613. They placed 14th overall at the state competition with a score of 40,413. The 2006-2007 season again saw Pearland winning regionals and competing in the state competition with an overall team score of 40,879 and placement of 13th.The 2007-2008 PACADEC team was one of the great teams in Texas Academic Decathlon and United States Academic Decathlon history. They won regionals with a score of 50,606, beating all teams in the region by at least 5,000 points; at this competition, Edie Wu and Sophy Lee became the first people on the team to ever break 9,000. They then went on to win state by nearly 3,000 points, and Sophy Lee, Ross Watson, and Andrew Hartman each received the overall Gold medals in their respective category, and Edie Wu and Danielle Rodriguez also placed overall. At the national competition, the Pearland team scored 51,595 points, becoming the 10th highest scoring team of all time. At the national competition, Ross placed third overall in the scholastic Division 1 category and Sophy place first overall in the honors Division 1 category. Sophy also received the 2nd highest score of all-time, with a 9,303.

After the success of the 2008 season, the Pearland team had high expectations going into 2009. At the regional competition, the team did not disappoint, as they gathered 46,571 points, enough to put them in first in the region by over 3,000 points and first in the state by 1,200 points over Irving Nimitz. At the state meet the team held off James E. Taylor, who was third going into the meet, and won their second state championship with a score of 47,425, beating Taylor by about 600 points. Unfortunately, the team placed 6th at the national competition, the second worst performance by a team from Texas in USAD history. In 2010 Pearland lost regionals for the first time in five years to J. Frank Dobie; they received a score 43,045 and went into state ranked 8th. At state, the team increased 2,200 points to come in 5th place, the largest increase for Pearland ever. In 2011 Pearland was upset by a strong Clear Brook team at regionals, finishing third behind Clear Brook and Dobie with a 41,145 and was ninth in the large category. At state the team went up over 3,000 points and finished 5th with a score of 44,680.

2012 has been another banner year for the Pearland ACADEC program. With a new system of meets established, including three before regionals, Pearland won 2 of those meets at Cinco Ranch and Friendswood, although they lost the Pearland Round 1 meet to Katy Taylor. With a score of 30,037, Pearland had its highest Round 1 score since their state championship years. Pearland would then go on to win the Region V meet, scoring 46,669 points, and also placing first in state of Large schools and fifth in the nation.

State teams[edit]


Team Members: Wei Li (12th), Xuan Ding (11th), Yuhong Liu (11th), Steven Rychlik (11th), Vanessa Fellers (12th), Brittany McCoy (12th), Kat Hunter (12th), Travis Brown (11th), Camaron Hole (12th)

Region V Meet: 2nd place (36,938)

State Meet: 33rd place (37,226)


Team Members: Xuan Ding (12th), Yuhong Liu (12th), Kasra Rahbar (11th), Steven Rhychlik (12th), Melissa Ouellette (11th), Noble Kuriakose (12th), Logan Knowles (12th), Travis Brown (12th), Perry McManus (12th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (41,613)

State Meet: 14th place (40,413)


Team Members: Sophy Lee (11th), Mark Gray (12th), Sijia Wang (11th), Devon Courtney (11th), Christine Knape (11th), Gibson Brown (11th), Andrew Hartman (11th), Ross Watson (11th), Maggie Burkett (11th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (41,223)

State Meet: 13th place (40,879)


Team Members: Sophy Lee (12th), Edie Wu (12th), Sijia Wang (12th), Ross Watson (12th), Danielle Rodriguez (12th), Jackie Vu (11th), Andrew Hartman (12th), Sam Mayfield (11th), Alec Davila (11th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (50,606)- Highest score ever in Texas regional history

State Meet: 1st place (50,595)

National Meet: 3rd place (51,598)


Team members: Bryan Jewell (12th), Omosola Odetunde (12th), Yuchen Lin (11th), Jackie Vu (12th), Michael Lee (11th), Paulina Cueto (11th), Samuel Mayfield (12th), Alec Davila (12th), Mark Huneycutt (11th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (46,517)

State Meet: 1st place (47,425)

National Meet: 6th place (46,872)


Team Members: Yuchen Lin (12th), Chris Gerac (12th), Abby Jyrkila (11th), Paulina Cueto (12th), Alyssa Childs (11th), Robert Morales (11th), Mark Hunneycutt (12th), Ethan Fernau (12th)

Region V Meet: 2nd place (43,045)

State Meet: 5th place (45,207)


Team Members: Catherine Tregre (11th), Tejas Dave (11th), Mindy Hoang (11th), Evan Parsons-Riddle (11th), Jordan Nguyen (11th), Theresa Nguyen (11th), Dylan "Dack" Jennings (12th), Bailey Martinez (11th), Zachary Evan Novark (12th)

Region V Meet: 3rd place (41,125)

State Meet 5th place (44,680)


Team Members: Catherine Tregre (12th), Tejas Dave (12th), Shivam Dave (10th), Evan Parsons-Riddle (12th), Theresa Nguyen (12th), Nathan Howe (12th), Jordan Nguyen (12th), Levi Nussman (11th), Kyler Plotts (11th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (46,669)

State Meet: 1st place--Large School (47,347.5)


Team Members: Marcella Saboe (11th), Jimmy Thai (9th), Shivam Dave (11th), Josephine Thomas (12th), Aaron Engler (12th), Shiv Patel (11th), Levi Nussman (12th), Kyler Plotts (12th), Kaitlyn Harbuck (11th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (47,416.4, 50,116.4 w/ SQ)

State Meet: 2nd place (48,034.5, 51,234.5 w/ SQ)

National Meet: 5th place (48,107.7, 52,941.13 w/ SQ)


Team Members: Ethan Arnold (11th), Rajan Desai (12th), Shivam Dave (12th), Marcella Saboe (12th), Samuel Holmes (11th), Zachary Watson (11th), Nicholai Twyman (12th), Mason Natale (12th), Kaitlyn Harbuck (12th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (49,318.6)

State Meet: 2nd place (49,025.4)

National Meet: 4th place (50,810.3)


Team Members: Ethan Arnold (12th), Jimmy Thai (11th), Sara Matthews (11th), Micah Gautney (12th), Garret Mattila (12th), Samuel Holmes (12th), Zachary Watson (12th), Savannah Segura (12th), Dakota Dock (12th)

Region V Meet: 1st place (50,383.6)

State Meet: 1st place (50,294.1)

National Meet: 2nd place (51,086.2)

Performance Chart[edit]

Year Region Score Region Place State Score State Place Nationals Score Nationals Place
2017 46,732.5 5th overall, 3rd in Large 46,114.1 12th overall, 7th in Large DNQ DNQ
2016 47,563.3 8th overall, 6th in Large 50,177.5 5th overall, 4th in Large DNQ DNQ
2015 50,383.6 1st overall, 1st in Large 50,294.1 1st overall, 1st in Large 51,086.2 2
2014 49,318.6 2nd overall, 2nd in Large 49,025.4 2nd overall, 2nd in Large 50,810.3 4
2013 47,416.4 2nd overall, 2nd in Large 48,034.5 2nd overall, 2nd in Large 48,107.7 5
2012 46,668.7 1st overall, 1st in Large 47,347.5 2nd overall, 1st in Large DNQ DNQ
2011 41,125 11th overall, 9th in Large 44,683.6 7th overall, 5th in Large DNQ DNQ
2010 43,045 9th overall, 8th in Large 45,206.9 6th overall, 5th in Large DNQ DNQ
2009 46,571 1st overall, 1st in Large 47,245.3 1st overall, 1st in Large 46,871.5 6
2008 50,606 1st overall, 1st in Large 50,593.5 1st overall, 1st in Large 51,589.9 3
2007 41,223 12th overall, 9th in Large 40,878.7 18th overall, 13th in Large DNQ DNQ
2006 41,613 10th overall, 9th in Large 40,412.9 20th overall, 14th in Large DNQ DNQ
2005 36,938 ? overall, 33rd in Large 37,225.7 42nd overall, 33rd in Large DNQ DNQ

School Records[edit]

Highest Texas Regional Score: 50,606

Highest Objective Score in Texas history: 36,668 (2008 Nationals)

Fifth Highest Individual Score in United States Academic Decathlon: Sophy Lee (9303), 2008 Nationals

Highest Individual Score in Texas Academic Decathlon History: Sophy Lee (9303), 2008 Nationals

Highest Varsity Score in Texas Academic Decathlon History: Zachary Watson (8756), 2015 Nationals

Top Scorers[edit]


1) Shivam Dave, 9,340.8 (2014 Regionals)- All-time highest score in Texas history

2) Sophy Lee, 9,303.8 (2008 Nationals)

3) Edie Wu, 9,046.4 (2008 Regionals)

4) Rajan Desai, 8,834.3 (2014 Regionals)

5) Sijia Wang, 8,832 (2008 Nationals)


1) Ross Watson, 8,732 (2008 Regionals)

2) Danielle Rodriguez, 8,157 (2008 Regionals)

3) Marcella Saboe, 8,111.1 (2014 Regionals)

4) Jackie Vu, 8,003 (2008 Nationals)

5) Shiv Patel, 7,950.7 (2013 State)


1) Andrew Hartman, 8,624 (2008 State)

2) Samuel Mayfield, 8,458 (2008 Nationals)

3) Levi Nussman, 7,961.1 (2013 State)

4) Samuel Mayfield, 7,846 (2009 Nationals)

5) Mason Natale, 7,758.6 (2014 Regionals)

Decathlete Database[edit]

Pearland ACADEC Hall of Fame[edit]

Rank Decathlete Category Highest Score Meet Scores over 8,000
1 Shivam Dave Honors 9,340.8 2014 Regionals 6
2 Sophy Lee Honors 9,304 2008 Nationals 3
3 Edie Wu Honors 9,046 2008 Regionals 3
4 Sijia Wang Honors 8,832 2008 Nationals 2
5 Yuchen Lin Honors 8,755 2010 State 5
6 Ross Watson Scholastic 8,732 2008 Regionals 3
7 Omosola Odetunde Honors 8,682 2009 State 3
8 Catherine Tregre Honors 8,632 2012 Regionals 3
9 Andrew Hartman Varsity 8,624 2008 State 3
10 Bryan Jewell Honors 8,606 2009 Nationals 3
11 Tejas Dave Honors 8,605 2012 Regionals 2
12 Sam Mayfield Varsity 8,458 2008 Nationals 1
13 Xuan Ding Honors 8,198 2006 Regionals 1
14 Kasra Rahbar Honors 8,179 2006 Regionals 1
15 Danielle Rodriguez Scholastic 8,157 2008 Regionals 3
16 Marcella Saboe Scholastic 8,111 2014 Regionals 1
17 Jackie Vu Scholastic 8,003 2008 Nationals 1