Friendswood High School

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Friendswood High School
Friendswood High School logo
School Founded
Team Established
History Friendswood has won the first 15 out of 16 TAD Medium School Championships from 1993-2007
City Friendswood, Texas
Team Colors Blue and White
Principal Mark Griffon
Head Coach Renae Simons
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Leslie Berryhill, Arden Curtis
National Championships None
State Championships 2, (2001 (as Texas B), 2004)
Regional/County Championships ? (4 confirmed) (2004,2005,2006,2007)
Region/County Location Region V
Highest Finish 5th in National Finals (2001)
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Friendswood High School[edit]

Friendswood High School is one of the most consistent teams in the country, and had won 15 consecutive medium state championships in Texas. They reached nationals twice, once in 2001 (as the "Texas B team"), and again in 2004, when they beat the large school champion, Irving Nimitz, by nearly 1000 points. That year they went on to place 7th at Nationals. In 1996, the Mustangs put up a score of 47,619, losing only to 5A school J. Frank Dobie. It would remain the highest score ever by a 4A team until 2008.

Initial Close Calls[edit]

In 1998, Friendswood caused a major scare when they were narrowly defeated by James E. Taylor (47,843 for Taylor to 47,218 for Friendswood). 2002 saw the Mustangs again get close, finishing fourth in the entire state of Texas (Lubbock won 47,740; Dobie was second with 47,381; Keller was third with 47,303 and Friendswood was fourth with 47,250). 2003 saw the Mustangs narrowly edge out 5A school Keller by just a few hundred points for second in all of Texas, but ended up losing to Dobie.

2004: A Trip to Nationals[edit]

In the 2004 State Championship, Friendswood walked in with a score 43,545. This was good enough to enter state as the top school in 4A, but was behind some Large Schools. Nimitz, the odds on favorite in the Large Schools, walked in with the overall score of 46,549 (a lead of 3,004 points). However, the state competitions had a huge disparity in subjective scoring (the Small/Medium meet having high scores, and the Large schools having lower scores, especially in Essay). The result saw Nimitz win the 5A, but not the State Championship. The result caused considerable controversy as Friendswood would go on to Nationals, and subsequently finish seventh with a score of 46,477, the worst finish for a Texas team at the national competition.

2007: Close Calls All Around[edit]

In 2007, Friendswood began showing the first signs of strain, as Friendswood did not go into state as the leading 4A school. In that year, Frisco lead all Texas 4A schools after Round 2. However, at state, Frisco was no match for Friendswood, and Friendswood secured their 15th straight Medium School Championship. Friendswood not only dodged a close call, but nearly took the state's nationals seat from Plano Senior, who scored 46,181 points, compared to Friendswood's 46,023.

2008: The End of a Dynasty[edit]

At the 2008 regional, Friendswood lost for the first time to the Seven Lakes team by over 1000 points. At the Medium School state championships, Friendswood was defeated by Seven Lakes and New Caney and finished third, ending a run of 15 straight Medium state championships.

Performance Chart[edit]

Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank
2017 45,034.4 14th overall, 10th in Large 48,186.3 4th overall, 3rd in Large
2016 47,737.4 6th overall, 5th in Large 48,875.1 9th overall, 6th in Large
2015 48,828.0 2nd overall, 2nd in Large 49,974.0 3rd overall, 3rd in Large
2014 46,816.6 3rd overall, 1st in Medium 48,580.2 3rd overall, 1st in Medium
2013 46,108 3rd overall, 1st in Medium 47,632.7 3rd overall, 1st in Medium
2012 43,809.2 7th overall, 2nd in Medium 46,224.6 5th overall, 3rd in Medium
2011 44,119 4th overall, 2nd in Medium 46,669.6 5th overall, 2nd in Medium
2010 42,177 11th overall, 2nd in Medium 43,906.0 10th overall, 2nd in Medium
2009 42,401 14th overall, 2nd in Medium 44,601 9th overall, 3rd in Medium
2008 43,094 15th overall, 4th in Medium 45,666 9th overall, 3rd in Medium
2007 44,238 3rd overall, 2nd in Medium 46,023 2nd overall, 1st in Medium
2006 43,457 5th overall, 1st in Medium 44,668 2nd overall, 1st in Medium
2005 43,924 4th overall, 1st in Medium 46,356 2nd overall, 1st in Medium
2004 43,545 8th overall, 1st in Medium 46,807 1st overall, 1st in Medium
2003 42,260 8th overall, 1st in Medium 46,764 2nd overall, 1st in Medium
2002 43,993 ? overall, 1st in Medium 47,250 4th overall, 1st in Medium
2001 Unknown Unknown 43,646 3rd overall, 1st in Medium
2000 Unknown Unknown 46,803 10th overall, 1st in Medium
1999 Unknown Unknown 44,624 12th overall, 1st in Medium
1998 Unknown Unknown 47,218 3rd overall, 1st in Medium
1997 Unknown Unknown 43,511 9th overall, 1st in Medium
1996 Unknown Unknown 47,619 2nd overall, 1st in Medium
1995 Unknown Unknown 45,578 6th overall, 1st in Medium
1994 Unknown Unknown 43,594 9th overall, 1st in Medium
1993 40,616 ? overall, 2nd in Medium 43,054 12th overall, 1st in Medium

Top State Scores[edit]


Overall Individual Scores[edit]

Place Student Year Score
1 Andy Steinhauser 2004 9,086.7
2 Julia Lu 2014 9,067.0
3 Joseph Rasmussen 2016 9,059.3
4 Abby Wolff 2008 8,930.0
5 Hannah Xia 2017 8,915.4
Place Student Year Score
1 Rainer Horn 2016 8,656.0
2 Edward Pettit 2015 8,456.1
3 Matthew Tarver 2016 8,283.8
4 Jonathan Snowden 2015 8,261.4
5 Zach Cocetti 2013 8,169.7
Place Student Year Score
1 Ramiro Garcia 2015 8,154.1
2 Joaquim Bendixen 2017 7,934.3
3 Kaylee Kocurek 2015 7,831.6
4 Andrew Hopf 2013 7,656.4
5 Will Ramsey 2004 7,553.3

Overall Objective Scores[edit]

Place Student Year Score
1 Joseph Rasmussen 2016 6,442.9
2 Dana Royall 2016 6,385.7
3 Julia Lu 2014 6,265.7
4 Julia Lu 2015 6,257.1
5 Andy Steinhauser 2004 6,240.0
Place Student Year Score
1 Rainer Horn 2016 6,045.7
2 Matthew Tarver 2016 5,857.1
3 Jonathan Snowden 2015 5,765.7
4 Edward Pettit 2015 5,731.4
5 Zach Cocetti 2013 5,525.7
Place Student Year Score
1 Kaylee Kocurek 2015 5,428.6
2 Shannon Ney 2014 5,274.3
3 Ramiro Garcia 2015 5,257.1
4 Joaquim Bendixen 2017 5,194.3
5 Alex Briones 2014 5,028.6