North Penn High School

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North Penn High School
North Penn High School logo
School Founded 1955
Team Established 1985
History --
City Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Team Colors Navy Blue and Columbia Blue
Principal Burton T. Hynes
Head Coach Nancy Craig (2013-pres)

Kathryn Daughton (2012-2013)

Sue Masty

Rachel Faust

Associate/Other Head Coach(es) --
National Championships --
State Championships 1987, 1988, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2013
Regional/County Championships 1987, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Region/County Location Eastern Pennsylvania
Highest Finish 8th Place Nationals in 2004
School Website

North Penn High School is a part of the North Penn School District and is located in Towamencin Township, Pennsylvania, about a mile outside of Lansdale borough, 25 miles northwest of Philadelphia, along Valley Forge Road (PA Route 363). It operates under the Principal Burton T. Hynes and the school colors are Navy and Columbia blue.

North Penn was the 2004 Rookie of the Year in Division I, and 2004 was also their highest national rank in school history (8th place).


  • "I smite thee, ye olde simpleton"--Mark Fuchs, 2004
  • "You are a lion; Take what's yours"

Notable students:[edit]

  • Josephine Dru, holder of the highest single score in PA Academic Decathlon history.
  • Phil Cerami, captain of the 2004 state championship team, current coach of Souderton Area High School team
  • Mark Fuchs, varsity phenom of the 2004 state championship team.
  • Kris Robinson, winner of the 2013 Nationals Kristin Caperton Award


2016-2017 State Championship Team:

  • Yang "The Freshman" Yue
  • Brittany "Brit Lit" Wylie
  • Connie "The Freshman v 2.0" Jiang
  • Matt "hard carry" Orefice
  • Alex "its my turn to throw" Goldberg
  • John "the anchor" Bogert
  • Justin "its high noon" Orefice
  • Nathaniel Maier (Where's Waldo? More like where's Nathaniel)
  • Dan "The Beefcake" Sibel


  • Jerry Zhao
  • Serenea Jiang
  • Damian Dhanaraj
  • Aubrey Kenderdine
  • Yang Yue
  • Noah Lamb
  • Maisha Islam
  • Chris Sibel

2012-2013 State Championship Team

  • Sam Curlee
  • Jerry Zhao
  • Serena Jiang
  • Nathan Lamb
  • Scott Landes
  • Matt Zarenkiewicz
  • Patrick Nicodemus
  • Kristian Robinson
  • Eddie Bogert


  • Nancy Craig
  • Kathryn Daughton (former)
  • Sue Masty (former)
  • Rachel Faust (former)

Record Board[edit]


  • Josephine Dru, 1998 State - 8,920 (highest in state history)


  • Phil Cerami, 2004 Nationals - 8,230.8 (second highest in state history)


  • Mark Fuchs, 2004 Nationals - 7,958.4 (fourth highest in state history)