Clear Lake High School

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Clear Lake High School is located in Clear Creek, Texas, near the Houston area. Their Academic Decathlon team experienced a resurgence (after not having been active for five year) in the 2011-2012 school year under the guidance of coach Alexander Moore. The team placed 21st at Large school State competition with a score of 38,909.1.

During the 2012-2013 school year, Clear Lake took everyone by surprise by taking 4th place at a local practice competition, narrowly beating out Katy Taylor by just five points. They went on to place 3rd in their region with a score of 39,627.3, making them 11th in Large schools and 16th statewide. At State competition, the team improved their score by nearly 5,000 points to 44,316.4, up to seventh in the entire state--fifth in Large. Of all teams, they experienced the highest increase with a gap closure of 23.13%.

In 2013-2014 year , Clear Lake high school managed to cement its image as a black horse by working it's way up to fourth place this year , beating out former rival Nimitz. An impressive score of 46,324.9 put them in this position , and 11 medals were won by team members overall . Varsity student Rachael Ballard earned 3rd place in her category this year , with the rest of the team ranking in the top 5-15 places.

In 2014-2015 school year, Clear Lake excelled once again and managed to place the highest scoring Honors team in the state during Regionals, and the entire team came out with a total score of 45,612, placing 5th at Regionals. At State, the Honors student Anne Zhou placed 1st place in the state overall, with an impressive score of 9,151. The team placed 9th in the state of all the large schools.

Photo of Lake's Decathlon Team after State 2012-2013

Photo of Lake's Decathlon Team after State 2014-2015

Performance Chart
Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank
2017 45,452.6 10th overall, 7th in Large 45,759.2 14th overall, 8th in Large
2016 44,969.5 17th overall, 14th in Large 45,077.9 22nd overall, 14th in Large
2015 45,611.9 7th overall, 5th in Large 45,197.1 10th overall, 9th in Large
2014 46,234.0 5th overall, 4th in Large 46,324.9 6th overall, 4th in Large
2013 39,627.3 16th overall, 11th in Large 44,316.4 7th overall, 5th in Large
2012 38,518 35th overall, 23rd in Large 38,909.1 35th overall, 21st in Large
2009 31,793.4 DNQ DNQ
2008 32,890 DNQ DNQ
2007 36,102 DNQ DNQ
2006 38,488 31st overall, 23rd in Large 36,401.1 29th overall, 28th in Large
1996 35,342 ? overall, 40th in Large
1995 42,964 19th overall, 18th in Large
1994 42,329 12th overall, 11th in Large
1993 40,729 21st overall, 19th in Large

2017 Decathletes:
Abhijeet Venkataraman
David Chen
Gayathri Krishna

Zohair Hashmy
Rohan Sethi
Rachel Reynolds

Yasir Syed
Caitlyn Krueger
Katherine Krueger

2016 Decathletes:
Gregory Brookover
Ria Sur
Gayathri Krishna

Margaret Schweis
Ranya Kaluarachchi
April White

Addie Molique
Morgan Salgy

2015 Decathletes:
Akshat Patel
Richard Wu
Anne Zhou

Madeline Fillip
Irene Shea
Anna Shulpina

Blair Alexander
Dylan Lee

2014 Decathletes:
Daniel He
Patrick Pan
Anna Wang

Matthew Frost
Cameron Mackwell
Christine Nguyen

Rachael Ballard
Adrian Newell
(3rd Varsity unneeded)

2013 Decathletes:
Kevin Cyr
Sina Ghodsi
Jeffery Xu

Khalil Manpuri
Adrian Newell
Kristin Sambell

Rachael Ballard
Suriya Koothan
Ben Price