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Guidelines are more like suggestions for editing on all of DDSIC. These are more for when you edit, how it should work, and everyone should read this at least once. Unlike policies, these are just suggestions to make life better instead of stringent rules to follow. The most important on here is the manual of style one, please get it right.



Be bold in updating pages
This will develop faster when people fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the language is precise, and so on. We expect everyone to be bold. It's okay.
Build consensus
It is assumed that editors working toward consensus are pursuing a consensus that is consistent with these basic policies and principles, and with the Manual of Style. Not every edit needs consensus, but big changes do.
Provide an edit summary
Providing an edit summary, even if the edit is minor, makes everything work better by quickly explaining to other users what your change was about. Don't be vague.
When editing, use the Show Preview button first
This will definitely help the gigantic mass of edits made, really helps when working with tables and scores and such.


Avoid statements that will date quickly
Check your facts


Use our system of categorizing pages
Usually all score pages go into a few categories
Most pages have an infobox


Guidelines for using Talk pages
Don't abuse them if you can contact the person. Keep conversations on one talk page, not scattered between two.
Sign your posts on talk pages
Sign all your posts on talk pages by typing ~~~~ to be accountable and to help others understand the conversation.
Discuss and draft graphical layout overhauls
When redesigning a few select pages, such as templates or a popular page, take your time and get consensus before implementing a new design.


Assume good faith
Unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, assume that people who work on the project are trying to help it, not hurt it.
Don't disrupt DDSIC to illustrate a point
By all means state your point. But don't spam Wikipedia, disingenuously nominate articles for deletion, push rules to their limits or otherwise create work for other people just to "prove your point".
Contributors have different views, perspectives, and backgrounds, sometimes varying widely. Treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively in building an encyclopedia.
Please do not bite the newcomers
Many new contributors lack knowledge about policies and guidelines. But always understand that new contributors are prospective "members" and are therefore our most valuable resource. Just send them to the page in a sincere way.
Try not to curse, there shouldn't be a reason to be vitriolic over something like Acadec scores.
User page
You can use your user page to add a little information about yourself or to help you to use DDSIC more effectively. But remember that this is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site. You can just have a tiny profile so everyone can read it.

Use the Manual of style[edit]

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