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We can't have every page with it's own unique look. That's why DDSIC has this Manual of Style. Mostly you don't need to diverge from this and won't, but if you ever have a question about what should be on a page or what it should look like check the perfect look of a page below.

Some pages do not match the below conventions, but we are striving to standardize the entire wiki.


The best kind of table looks like this. It is sortable by javascript, uses a default format, and is easy to edit, and the colors have been preselected. This format should be used on all tables.

What to type What it makes
 {| class = "wikitable sortable" width="500"
 ! header 1 !! header 2 !! header 3
 |school1 || info1 || info1
 |school2 || info2 || info2
header 1 header 2 header 3
school1 info1 info1
school2 info2 info2

On Templates[edit]

Templates are nice, and can be used well in the right context. DDSIC uses the ambox format for most editing boxes (the majority) of templates, which can be used by placing the code of an existing template at the front of an article. Use them often to clear up disputes, merge articles, fix problems, etc.. Don't make a template unless you have made one before and have an understanding of what you're doing.


Color Templates[edit]

Gold, silver, and bronze templates look like this: {{Color | Your text here}}. Here's an example:

What to type What it makes
 {| class = "wikitable sortable"
 ! Place !! header 1 !! header 2 !! header 3
 | {{Gold|1}} || school1 || info1 || info1
 | {{Silver|2}} || school2 || info2 || info2
 | {{Bronze|3}} || school3 || info3 || info3
Place header 1 header 2 header 3
1 school1 info1 info1
2 school2 info2 info2
3 school3 info3 info3


Regarding abbreviations, "HS," and "High School" next to the school name[edit]

  • Be sure to expand an abbreviation and/or add "High School" in only the first section where a school name appears on a page, and be consistent.
    • For example "Elizabeth LC" should be "Elizabeth Learning Center" under "Overall Team Results." But then use "Elizabeth LC" for the rest of the page.
      • If "Elizabeth LC" is not under "Overall Team Results," however, use "Elizabeth Learning Center" under ALL "Overall Individual Results." Afterwards, use "Elizabeth LC" for the rest of the page.
  • Never use "HS"


Please use decimals (even .0) wherever a decimal is possible in the score and do NOT round numbers.

  • On a 50-question test, decimal values are not possible, so type scores like this: "1,000", "980", "960"
  • On a 35-question math test, decimal values are possible, so type scores like this "1,000.0" (note the .0), "971.4", "942.9"
  • Wherever ALL scores are in multiples of a whole number (for example, ALL Interview scores are multiples of five), type scores like this: "1,000", "995", "990"
    • But remember to use decimal values IF they are possible. So, if some Interview scores are not multiples of five, type decimals after all of them, like this: "1,000.0", "995.0", "993.3"
  • Unless the entire Decathlon lacks decimals, always add ".0" decimals to individual and team scores.
    • For example, overall scores from the Nebraska state competition never have decimals (as of 2013), and they are written like this: "47,424" or "7,097"
    • But overall scores from the Texas state competition have decimals, so please write them like this: "38,905.0", "38,474.1", "6,994.0", "6,120.4"

When in doubt...[edit]

"Consistency, consistency, consistency." - Daniel Berdichevsky


Make them. Use them. Love them. Except on score articles, gilbot will add them.

[[Category:Name of Category]]


All state infoboxes use the same colors. All national infoboxes use the same colors. All userpage infoboxes use the same colors. School infoboxes, however, use school colors.

Portal Infoboxes[edit]

To insert an infobox for a state/region at the top of a results page for a competition which took place in that state/region, type {{Infobox StateName/RegionName}} at the very beginning of the page.

What to type What it makes

{{Infobox California}}

Flag of California.png
Current Victor: El Camino Real Charter High School
National Titles: 198219831987198919941995
Official Website
State Scores
Regional Scores
LAUSDFresnoVenturaLos Angeles
BaySan BernardinoOrangeKern
San DiegoRiversideSacramento
StanislausSo Cal PrivateMore...

Informative Infoboxes[edit]

To insert an infobox for a school, national competition, or user, copy the code from here and fill out where needed.

National Infobox School Infobox User Infobox
 | Logo   = 
 | Size   = 
 | Name   = 
 | Optional caption = 
 | Host City  = 
 | States participating = 
 | Events   = 10 Subjects in 2 Disciplines
 | Opening Date  = 
 | Awards Ceremony = 
 | National Champions = 
 | National Second Place = 
 | National Third Place = 
 | Division I Champions = 
 | Division II Champions = 
 | Division III Champions = 
 | Rookie of the Year = 
 | Curriculum Topic = 
 | Super Quiz Topic = 
 {{Infobox School 
 | color1           =
 | color2           = 
 | name             = 
 | logo             =  
 | imagesize        = 
 | school_founded   = 
 | team_established = 
 | history          = 
 | arena            = 
 | city             = 
 | colors           = 
 | principal        = 
 | coach            = 
 | acoach           = 
 | national_champs  = 
 | state_champs     = 
 | region_champs    = 
 | regionloc        = 
 | highfin          = 
 |name    = 
 |image   = 
 |bday = 
 |gender  =
 |cschool =
 |oschool =