Fort Bend ISD District Meet

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The Fort Bend ISD District Meet is an annual Round 1 scrimmage held for Fort Bend ISD schools each December.

FBISD District Meet History[edit]

Results before 2014 are unknown. Out of 60,000 points.

Year FBISD Round 1 Champion Score Runner-Up Score Third Place Score Fourth Place Score Fifth Place Score
2017 Dulles HS 47,549 Elkins HS 37,806 Ridge Point HS 36,283.6 Clements HS? xx,xxx? TBA TBA
2016 Dulles HS 48,418 Clements HS 43,657 Elkins HS 35,347 Ridge Point HS 34,564 n/a n/a
2015 Clements HS 42,663 Dulles HS 40,766 Austin HS 35,966 Elkins HS 34,986 Ridge Point HS 31,384
2014 Clements HS n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Ridge Point HS 31,713