History Responsibilities & Powers of the Council

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History of the Council[edit]

The Council was formed by the Constitution of ADSIC. Originally slated to be a two house (bicameral) legislature, consisting of a House (Dail) and a Senate (Seanad). However, after much moderation, the council became the compromise solution.

The First Council will take office on September 17, 2007, consisting of ten members.

Official Name and Stylization of the Council[edit]

The official name for the Council is the Unicameral Council of ADSIC, or UC-ADSIC.

A Member of the Council is called a Unicameral Council Member, or UCM. The two letter state postcode abbreviation follows, so a UCM from California would be UCM-CA.

Informal titles may be Councilman, Councilwoman, Councilor, or Council Member.

Terms and Limits[edit]

A Council Member serves an elected term of six months, with no term limit.


A Council Member is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure ADSIC is running, and that no major cases of vandalism is occurring
  • Help facilitate the creation of new pages, and assist new members whenever necessary
  • Whenever important issues arrive, devise an idea and take a vote if deemed necessary
  • Assist with any Public Relations (PR) campaign if necessary
  • Assist with fund raising if necessary


A Council Member is entitled to the following powers:

  • Ability to create ideas or laws for ADSIC and have them recommended to the Comptrollers
  • Council Members who prove they are worth their salt may be granted patrol powers.
  • Other powers not stated here that are granted by the Comptrollers.