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History of USAD/Survey/2007

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During the 2007 National competition the USAD Board President Robert Brezina and Administrative Consultant Les Martisko directed a group interview process of six students.

  • Katie Hammitt, Indiana
  • Will Grossenbacher, Mississippi
  • Keoni Correa, Hawaii
  • Kevin Able, Kansas
  • George Spriggs, Oklahoma
  • Greg Berns-Leone, Iowa

Summary of results:

  1. The math test was viewed as too difficult by most of the students.
  2. The Speech Showcase was very important to students.
  3. The level playing field was mentioned as an important area. Some students indicated they can’t start until September while others start in May.
  4. The online essay was technically problematic for at least one student in the group.
  5. A relevant theme of the curriculum is very important. The USAD staff has done a great job on past themes.
  6. The award banquet appeared to be a highly valued component of the competition.
  7. Interview process should involve asking questions on the resume or the resume should not be required. The interview should have a consistent form of questions.
  8. The students liked nationals because it gave them a chance to meet other students.
  9. Research vs. standard curriculum was discussed. Four of the six students preferred a standard curriculum. One student preferred a research component because they were able to buy materials where the research was done for them. The other student preferred the present delivery of the curriculum.
  10. Nationals were mentioned as the major highlight of Academic Decathlon.
  11. The weighting of the tests was discussed. One student thought that S.Q. written should be equal to 1000 points and SQ oral should be valued at 1000 points.
  12. The National SQ extravaganza was discussed. The students liked this concept. One student brought up the possibility of having a three member team.
  13. The students really valued having the competition in one building or room.
  14. Students also mentioned that the National team certification process should be reviewed. The difficulty is that some states have the state competition in early January while others have it in March. Therefore, a team that has been declared the state winner in January is at a disadvantage due to the lack of competition for the team after an early date.