Mater Dei High School

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Mater Dei High School
Mater Dei High School logo
School Founded 1950
Team Established
History Birthed from the Womb of the Mother of God
City Santa Ana, California
Team Colors Scarlet/Grey
Principal Ms. Frances Clare
Head Coach Anna-Lisa George
Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Eric Armenta, Julian Galindo (former)
National Championships {{{national_champs}}}
State Championships None
Regional/County Championships 8 (2006, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022, 2023)
Region/County Location Southern California Private Schools
Highest Finish 6th in California (2022)
School Website

Team Info (AKA The Important Stuff)[edit]

Team Number: 2300

Team Jam: Smucker's Strawberry

Team Chant: "WE ARE NOT A CULT"

Team Animal: Crab 🦀

Team Game Bootyism

Team Song: "There She Goes"

Tallest Member: Justin Mendiola

Team Diety: Cthulhu

Team Pastime: PowerPoints

Team Friend: Alimony High School

Team Recreational Facility: The Dude Ranch

Team Econ Guide: Marcus is Awesome But Fortier is Awesomer

Team Guessing Guide: Brian Aley and Emme are Awesome

Team Rock Band: Tragedy of the Commons ft. John Maynard Keynes on air guitar

Quotes without Context[edit]

"But does it pass the Bechdel Test!!!"


"Coal is a renewable form of energy"


"Sea Changes is about changes in the sea."

Team Names[edit]


Maple Leaf Swag

The League of Impressionist Imperial Minenwerfers - TLIME

Unrestricted Moth Warfare

The Pun also Rises


Fecundity Fantastique

Positive Feedback Loop

E-Mission Impossible

Electric in the Air


Grandi's G'rupees

Are you Boreal?

Eightfold Wrath!


Golden Kamikazes

Da Bomb

Mein Kampetition




Kente Contagions


Annihilate Djibouti

Hall of Fame[edit]

Top Scoring Teams including SQ:

1) 2018 State - 48,004

2) 2015 Regionals - 47,327

3) 2015 State - 47,319

Highest Individual Score excluding SQ:

1) Ann Daley - Regionals 2018 - 8404.3

2) Rui Wang - Regionals 2018 - 8272

3) Tyler Bates - Regionals 2018 - 8270

4) Brian Smith - Regionals 2016 - 8225

5) Jonathan Saba - Regionals 2015 - 8066

Perfect Scores : Chronologically:

Jonathan Saba - Regionals 2015 - Speech

Brian Smith - Regionals 2016 - Interview

Nicholas Silva - Regionals 2016 - Interview

Ann Daley - Regionals 2018 - Math

Year Regionals Score Regionals Rank State Score State Rank Nationals Score Nationals Rank
2018 41,770 1 ? 28 DNC DNC
2017 40,026 1 40,526 36 DNC DNC
2016 41,919 1 41,288 39 DNC DNC
2015 43,802 1 43,044 21 DNC DNC
2014 37,687 2 DNC DNC DNC DNC
  • All Scores Exclude SuperQuiz

Senior Music Videos[edit]

[Enna Solla Pogirai - 2016

None - 2017 (Lame)


"It's a Long Way to Sacramento"

It's a long way to Sacramento

It's a long way to go

It's a long way to Sacramento

To the place that I've (# of times you have been to state) known

Goodbye Alemany

Farewell regionals

It's a long, long way to Sacramento

But I'm heading there

"Red Shirts Unite"

Red shirts unite

We will go silent to the fight

From the sidelines we will cheer

For when it comes to useless we are here

"There She Goes"

There she goes

There she goes, again