Regionals/California/Lake County/2018

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Willits High School of Mendocino County competed with Lake County schools.

Overall Team Results[edit]

Rank School Score Score + SQ
1 Upper Lake High School 33,828 37,048
2 Willits High School 33,848
3 Clear Lake High School 32,575

Overall Individual Results[edit]


Rank Student School Score
1 Anisha Kalan Upper Lake
2 Zoe Cramer Clear Lake
3 Michael Camacho Clear Lake


Rank Student School Score
1 Ian Watson Willits
2 Brenna Sanchez Upper Lake
3 Elizabeth Henning Willits


Rank Student School Score
1 Sarah Williams Upper Lake
2 Alisabeth Wilcox Willits
3 Jeff Fannon Upper Lake