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Maryland State Records Page
Highest Nationals Ranking: 32nd? (2015, Wootton)
Most Recent State Champion: Thomas S. Wootton High School
Previous National Wins: None

Since at latest 2000, no schools in Maryland participated in Academic Decathlon. In 2013, Thomas Wootton S. High School became the only school to participate, joined by Northwest High School for 2014 and 2015.

State History - Maryland Academic Decathlon[edit]

Year State Champion State Score Rank at Nationals Score at Nationals
2019 Thomas S. Wootton High School 21,903 DNC DNC[1]
2018 Thomas S. Wootton High School 21,012.0 DNC DNC[1]
2017 Thomas S. Wootton High School 29,137.8 48th of 51 teams 25,740.8[2]
2016 Thomas S. Wootton High School 33,525.1 38th of 48 teams 32,580.2[3]
2015 Thomas S. Wootton High School 32,174.2 32nd of 46 teams 34,130.6
2014 N/A[4] - DNC DNC
2013 Thomas S. Wootton High School 27,186 42nd of 53 teams 29,314.7
1990 Unknown Unknown DNC DNC
1987 Western High School Unknown 35 30,231


1. In 2018 and 2019, Wootton was not able to compete at Nationals as they did not have a complete team.
2. In 2017, Wootton was unable to take Essay online, and one of their two Honors in attendance at Nationals was only able to compete in half of the events.
3. In 2016, Wootton's top Honors Prahlad Sarma was unable to participate in Nationals due to illness.
4. No State competition was held in 2014, although both competing schools attended Large E-Nationals.