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Team scores from the Nebraska state competition are out of ten events and compatible to scores from other states. However, individual scores as well as the format of the Super Quiz and Math events differ slightly.

Individual Scores[edit]

Because Super Quiz only counts towards the team score, individual scores are out of nine events. At Nebraska state, an individual score of 6,300 points is roughly equivalent to 7,000 points in other states. 7,200 points equates approximately 8,000. Scoring over 8,100 is a feat comparable to breaking the 9,000-point barrier.

Super Quiz[edit]

Super Quiz consists entirely of a 30-question oral relay worth 6000 points. Each team's three regular members from each category - Honor, Scholastic, and Varsity - participate in the public Super Quiz. Students from each category are asked 10 questions, and they are allowed to collaborate before answering. Each question is worth 200 points.


The math test contains only 25 questions, each worth 40 points. Nebraska Academic Decathlon organizers draw 25 questions from the USAD math test. The 25-question math test follows approximately the same breakdown as the 35-question math test.