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South Dakota State Records Page
Highest Nationals Ranking: 41st (2008: Canton)
Most Recent State Champion: Castlewood
Previous National Wins: None

State History - South Dakota Academic Decathlon, 2008 - present[edit]

The South Dakota Academic Decathlon first participated in Nationals in 2008. From 2005, only Canton High School had participated in the South Dakota Academic Decathlon. In 2014, Castlewood became the second South Dakotan team to go to Nationals.

Year State Champion State Score Rank at Nationals Score at Nationals
2015 De Smet Jesuit High School 27,247 45th of 46 teams 24,668.9
2014 Castlewood High School -- 47th of 47 teams 21,520.9
2008 Canton High School 15,973 41 11,474.4*

(*) At the 2008 Nationals, the South Dakota team only included two members.