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Quick wikitables[edit]

(While in regular view, not edit view)

To extract ALL of the results for a certain state from a table on one of the nationwide score compilation pages ( like Scrimmages/2010), double-click on the sideways hourglass next to "SCORE" or "RANK" in the table heading.

This sorts all of the individuals/schools in descending order of score or rank.

Next, click on the sideways hourglass next to "STATE" in the table heading.

The entire table should now be sorted by state, with each state's section sorted in descending order of score.

Highlight the entire section for the state you're working on, then copy and paste into the ADSIC table generator.

You can use a word processor (I use wikEd so I have a search and replace function on my edit toolbar) to replace all instances of "|| (state name) ||" with only "||", effectively eliminating the entire STATE column.

For uniformity, we should stick with the format on the 2009 California Scrimmages page and the Scrimmages/2010 page.

First header: Round 1 Results (to distinguish them from other scrimmages)

First sub-header: Overall Team Scores

Second sub-header: Overall Individual Scores

Then use "Honor," "Scholastic," and "Varsity" as sub-sub headers.

Madcap 23:48, 16 December 2009 (UTC)Madcap