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I competed at Oxnard High School as a Scholastic during the 2010-2011 school year. Aca Deca is definitely my favorite memory from high school and I wish I could have competed more since I know I could have scored higher. Since competing, I have become fascinated with old Aca Deca records and past Ventura County scores and I have compiled large, probably pointless records for anything Oxnard Aca Deca and Ventura County as well. I am also currently in college and helping out with coaching at Oxnard


Subject Score
Art 620
Economics 640
Language and Literature 500
Math 371.4
Music 580
Social Science 680
Super Quiz 450
Overall 3,841.4
Subject Score
Art 620
Economics 640
Essay 850
Interview 763.3
Language and Literature 540
Math 628.5
Music 720
Social Science 800
Speech 866.7
Super Quiz 705
Objectives 4,653.5
Subjectives 2,480
Overall 7,133.5
Subject Score
Art 740
Economics 560
Essay 704
Interview 840
Language and Literature 640
Math 457.1
Music 580
Social Science 900
Speech 826.7
Super Quiz 640
Objectives 4,517.1
Subjectives 2,370.7
Overall 6,887.8