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User Paraphernalia[edit]

Bunnie Hadsall
Birthdate 12/30/91
Gender Female
Location [Mesa,AZ]
Division Varsity
Current School Westwood High School
Alma Mater Westwood High School

I did decathlon as a sophomore, which was unheard of at the time at our school. You may remember the topic that year: China. I began my decathlon experience about 2 weeks before districts, and scored around 3700. At regionals about a month and a half later, I improved my score by 1000 for a score of 4700. My best subject at the time was art, although at state I scored highest in lang/lit, one question shy of making the bronze scholastic medal.

I'm currently competing this year for Westwood High School. I skipped the Civil War because it's boring. ;P I'll see you all at regions, state, and nationals!

State Scores 2006-2007[edit]

Subject Score
Essay 730
Speech 840
Interview 666.7
Lang/Lit 760
Art 720
Math 171.4
Social Science 460
Music 600
Economics 560
Super Quiz 555
SQ Relay 3/5
Total 6063.1


I'm currently a senior involved in the following:

Random Facts[edit]

Favorite poem: Kublai Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Favorite book: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
Favorite author: Augusten Burroughs
Favorite animal: Panda
Future college major: Secondary education
Future college minor: English Language and Grammar
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite soda: Vanilla Coke
Favorite drink: Lemonade
Favorite T.V. show: House
Favorite movie: Legally Blonde

Favorite quote: "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning." -Louis L'Amour