Youngstown Christian School

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Youngstown Christian High School

[[Image:{{{logo}}}|center|{{{imagesize}}}|Youngstown Christian High School logo]]

School Founded 1970
Team Established 2008
City Youngstown, Ohio
Team Colors Blue and White
Principal Michael Pecchia, President

Joshua D. Reichard, Dean of Academics

Linda M. Mansfield, Dean of Students

Head Coach Joshua D. Reichard (2008-2011)

David Reichard (2011-present)

Associate/Other Head Coach(es) Brittany L. Zetts (2011-present)

Carla Jenkins (2009-Present) David Reichard (2008-2011) Dennis Malaska (2009-2010)

National Championships
State Championships Small School 2009, 2010, 2011
Regional/County Championships Small School 2009,Overall Champions 2011
Region/County Location Ohio
Highest Finish 2011 Regional Overall Champion, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Ohio Small School Champion, Academic Sports League Runner Up, Online E-Nationals 6th Place, "Rookie of the Year"
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