Dean Webb

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Dean Webb
Birthdate ???
Gender Male
Location Richardson, Texas
Years Coaching 2003-Present
Current School L.V. Berkner HS
Previous Schools Coached N/A

Dean Webb, also known as zzzptm, is a former Academic Decathlete for the Richardson Berkner High School team in 1986, and is now a current Academic Decathlon coach of the same school as well as a current member (and subscriber) to DemiDec.

1986 Season[edit]

Not much is known about Dean Webb's performance, except that he won scholarship money based on his performance as well as his team's performance. Berkner finished second in state in 1986 to that year's National Champion and rival, J.J. Pearce. A joke around the acadectalk website notes that his 1986 score, if adjusted for inflation, would be 14,971.8 in today's points.

Coaching Berkner[edit]

Dean Webb returned to Academic Decathlon to coach the same school he competed with in 2003(?). Berkner made its first state appearance since 2001 at the 2005 Texas State Championship. He has since led his team (alongside Tanya Gregson) to six more state berths in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. 2007 was a breakthrough year for Webb and Berkner, as they finished third in Super Quiz relay and third Overall in Super Quiz.[edit]

Dean also has his own site, aptly named, which is a place for his writings, artwork, ramblings, message board and his AP Economics class assignments/exercises.


Around August 2006, Dean was invited by Daniel Berdichevsky, the CEO of DemiDec Resources, to go to China as his bonus for his work with DemiDec. Dean went to China during November 2006, and his experiences can be found at his website.

Personal life[edit]

Dean currently lives in Richardson, Texas with his wife and kids.

Journey around the South[edit]

Dean went on a trip throughout the southern United States to examine Civil War battlefields and hotspots. His journey is documented on his website,

DemiDec Projects[edit]

Dean has helped with DemiDec on quite a few occasions, and is famous for his "For the Rest of Us" series, of which his recent work details the American Civil War.