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Dr. Robert Peterson

Former Orange County, California Superintendent of Schools who founded the United States Academic Decathlon in 1968.

Daniel Berdichevsky
President/CEO and founder of DemiDec and promient member of the 1994 Taft Academic Decathlon team that won the 1994 National Title. Berdichevsky's individual high score of 9,297 points stood as the all time record for fourteen years before being broken by Isabel Salovaara of Whitney Young.
Kris Sankaran
Academic Decathlete from Moorpark High School in California who currently holds the record for most points accumulated by an Academic Decathlete during a single meet (9,461.4 points). Sankaran's 7-event objective score of 6,691 points at the 2009 California State competition is also the highest known objective score achieved by a single decathlete.


Curt Canaday
Coach of Mountain View Mesa High School, led team to nationals seven times, including two second place finishes.
Dean Webb (zzzptm)
Current Texas Richardson Berkner Head Coach and member of Also an employee of DemiDec and went on one 'tour of duty' for DemiDec to China in November, 2006. Author of "The Civil War for the Rest of Us," a popular DemiDec publication from the 2007-2008 Academic Decathlon season.
Chris Yetman (Evil Dr. Calculus, or EDC)
Coach of the Arizona Canyon Del Oro Academic Decathlon team, led the school's 2006 and 2009 team to Nationals, where they finished fifth overall and fourth overall, respectively. Yetman is also a regular member of DemiDec Talk and serves as the lead editor of DemiDec workbooks.
Phil Cerami
First Score Comptroller for ADSIC (2004-October 2006) and founder of AcaDec scores, currently coaching an Academic Decathlon team at Renaissance Academy in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

DemiDec Members (Past and Present)[edit]

Dean Schaffer
Prominent Honors Decathlete on the 2006 California Taft Academic Decathlon team that won the 2006 National Title, currently a member of DemiDec reviewing Power Guides.
Sophy Lee
Prominent Honors Decathlete on the 2008 Texas Pearland Academic Decathlon team that became the first Texas team to break the 50,000 point barrier in eight years. Earned the State of Texas' all time high score with 9,303.8 points, currently a main editor for DemiDec, along with Canyon Del Oro coach Chris Yetman
Isabel Salovaara
was a Honors competitor for Whitney Young Magnet School in Illinois who became the first person to break the 9,300 point barrier, shattering Dan Berdichevsky's 14 year record of 9,297 points.
Alli Blonski
was a Honors competitor for Waukesha West in Wisconsin who achieved the highest score at the 2008 nationals and all time high score in Academic Decathlon with 9,321 points. Her record, however, was broken by Kris Sankaran of Moorpark less than a year later.
David Haughney
Prominent Honors Decathlete on the 2008 Wisconsin Waukesha West Academic Decathlon team. Currently the 4th highest scoring decathlete of all time (9,300.8 points).
Monica Schettler
Prominent Varsity Decathlete on the 2006 California Taft Academic Decathlon team that won the 2006 National Title, currently a member of DemiDec and is known for "Monica's notes."
Zac Ellington
Prominent Decathlete of the 2006 Taft Academic Decathlon team that won the 2006 National title.

ADSIC Contributors[edit]

Kort Everett Jackson
Second Score Comptroller of AcaDec Scores (October 2006-Present), Founder of ADSIC (March 15,2007), Scholastic on the Texas Oliver Wendell Holmes Academic Decathlon team from 2004-2006. Has been a member of DemiDec since June 2004.
David Gilman
Sysadmin of AcaDec Scores (January 2007-Present), Nebraska Creighton Prep Varsity 2005-2007. Fun times. I also provide the hosting for AcaDec Scores. Come and check out my site, Gil's Lotd.
Andrew Hartman
A large contributor to the organizing of scores on ADSIC, and helped fuel the outbreak of scores starting in 2008. Competed for Pearland HS in 2007 and the state-winning year in 2008, when he broke the Texas varsity record by around 150 points. He is now an admin on Demidec Talk, the unofficial webcaster for DDT, and a confidant of DemiDec.
Robb Dooling
A scholastic from the 2009 Omaha Burke team that finished 3rd at nationals, the highest finish ever in Nebraska history, he now helps run DDSIC and has, along with Andrew, helped revolutionize the gathering of scores on DDSIC. He is also a DemiDec test writer.

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