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David Gilman
Yotsuba bomb.jpg
Birthdate [Over 9000] minutes ago.
Gender Male
Location Der Spankenhaus
Division Varsity
Current School University of Nebraska at Omaha

Is Acadecscores Broken?

Look over on the bottom left and click this link to email Gil.

or try the other methods:

Gil's mobile: 402 5412477

[Gil's facebook] (messages sent on facebook are forwarded to my cell)

Check out my blog Gil's LotD!

Gil has the wiki locked down pretty well IMHO. I also keep tabs on the RC feed so sooner or later I view all edits to the site. You can email me through the "email user" link on your right, or you get me at

Now go ahead and upload some scores!

Hey guys, I have to say this whole Churyuria (def. sp) trap thing was a great success. It kept people away from my pf, grr grr wooo. whatever, now it's time to retire it. <center>flash because i can (testing, not a trap)</center> <center><flashow></flashow> </center>

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