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Carlos Francisco Lopez-Jimenez
Birthdate April 24, 1989
Gender Male
Location Pacific Palisades, California
Division Varsity
Current School California State University Los Angeles, Applied Economics/Psychology
Alma Mater Palisades Charter High School

Basic Information[edit]

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Full Name: Carlos Francisco Lopez-Jimenez de Vazquez Macal do Belmont de Villa Real III von Rutledge

Contributions: Contribution List

Contact Information[edit]

Email –

Academic Website -

Blog -

Address - 5151 State University Drive Los Angeles, CA 90032

Short Biography[edit]

Carlos, born in Los Angeles, California on April 24, 1989, has had a unique experience such as that he was not the typical decathlete. In high school he was a prominent member of the school’s athletic circle, being captain of his school’s soccer team and a co-captain of the track and field squad and received multiple awards in his endeavors. Carlos was invited to the Academic Decathlon team by Coach Christopher Lee beginning his sophomore year but it wasn’t until his senior year that he finally decided to try out for the team. Having made the first round of cuts by a very slim margin, focus and determination was the order of the day as he went on to the final elimination round for the final team cut in what was to be known in LAUSD Decathlon as the “”November Scrimmage””. This scrimmage, being purely subjectives, was to be the exhibition for the top teams in California and the final testing grounds for the Palisades Academic Decathlon Team. Having been the #2 Varsity within Conference and top scoring Varsity for Palisades Charter High with a score of 4,500 out of a possible 7,000, Carlos made the team with flying colors.

Approaching the LAUSD Regional competition, Carlos showed his merit by devoting his entire being to Decathlon. He made the fateful decision of quiting the prestigious Santa Monica United Soccer Club and turning down offers to play futbol in Europe in order to commit more time to his studies. At competition, Carlos was again the top scoring Varsity member for his school, gaining a medal in Speech and Impromptu as well as helping Palisades become Conference Champions. Further motivated, Carlos became determined to help his team achieve a top 5 finish at state competition, despite its status as the underdogs in competition.

State was arguably the most exhilarating yet difficult period of the journey in Carloss’ days as a decathlete. Knowing that a boost in score would be essential to helping his team represent the intellectual potential of his school, he spent countless hours pouring over notes, flashcards, and, of course, exams. Demonstrating both aptitude and leadership, Carlos led his team by becoming the Most Improved Decathlete in State Competition by scoring a total of 7,475 out of a possible 10,000 points and gaining a medal in Economics. Although his team was not to make the National appearance Carlos had hoped for, Palisades did achieve its top 5 finish, its highest in Competition history.

Awards Received[edit]

Individual Recognition

  • Top Scoring Varsity towards overall team score
  • Bronze medal – Speech
  • Honorary Mention – Art
  • Multiple Conference Awards:
  • Overall
  • Art
  • Economics
  • Social Science
  • Music

Overall Team Recognition

  • 2007 Conference I Champions
  • 2nd Place Essay Team
  • 9th Place Overall

2007 California State Competition

  • Top Scoring Varsity towards overall team score
  • Gold Medal – Most Improved Decathlete (Overall)
  • Gold Medal – Most Improved Varsity Decathlete
  • Bronze medal – Economics

Overall Team Recognition

  • Top 5 in the State of California (5th Place overall)
  • 6th Place medaling team
  • 6th Place SuperQuiz Team

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