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Who I Am[edit]

Austin Myers
Birthdate April 17
Gender Male
Location Garland, Texas
Division Mediocre Scholastic
Current School Garland High
Alma Mater {{{oschool}}}

A scholastic, still a junior, for Garland High's team. This, the 2007 to 2008 season, is my second year on Decathlon and I can definitely say it rules. I've beta'd only a little bit of DemiDec tests, and you could make a point that my scores aren't the greatest. But guess what, that doesn't matter. I hate art and music, and love economics and essay. Maybe SQ, depending on the year.

You can find me on Acadectalk or on #acadec with the homies at slashnet. Maybe. I probably won't answer you. So just hit me up on my talk page.

Like gil, I don't think there should be a Constitution. Sure, there can be policies for editing and people to manage ADSIC, but a Constitution is pretty useless. I believe firmly in my egotistical rules I created in ADSIC:Policies. I mean, this is just a small score collection run with wiki software, not a country compact contract homeowner's association model UN business place with a constitution.

What I've Done for ADSIC[edit]

My Todo List[edit]

Of course, my to-do list is the same as ADSIC's, found at ADSIC:Todo. That doesn't mean I don't have my own idea of what ADSIC should look like.

  • Converting tables from the blue format to the bland, grey format
  • Our ex-coach has a large (LARGE) stack of scores we don't concerning 90's Texas. These would be nice to get
  • Finishing all the infoboxes, and adding them to each page
 * Alabama  
 * Alaska Regionals 
 * Arizona Regionals 
 * California Regionals 
 * Georgia - Official Website 
 * Hawaii 
 * Idaho - Official Website 
 * Illinois 
 * Indiana - Official Website 
 * Iowa Regionals 
 * Kansas - Official Website 
 * Maine - Official Website 
 * Massachusetts - Official Website 
 * Minnesota - Official Website  

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