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Welcome to ADSIC – aka the AcaDec Scores and Information Center.
The ADSIC Database consists of 1,609 entries right now.

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Schools Gateway (for users wanting to edit from schools)

  • ADSIC started as Acadec Scores back in 2005, and has gradually evolved into one of the most comprehensive score databases for Academic Decathlon.
  • There are 1,609 pages in the database. ADSIC is absolutely free to use and edit.
  • You are invited to help! You may change these pages and make new pages. To do so, please register for a ADSIC account. Visitors are allowed to view, but not edit pages on ADSIC. This curtails spam and vandalism.
On the Horizon
  • Texas State Scores.
  • New Main Page for Scholar's Cup Section
  • Preparations for Scores in the 2007-2008 season.
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