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ASL Scrimmages[edit]

Location - Central PA

Events - Art, Social Science, Language and Literature, Essay

Place School Score
1st Carlisle High School 14,480
2nd Penns Valley High School 12,605
3rd Montoursville High School 11,860
4th St. John Newman Regional Academy 10,865
5th Philipsburg-Osceola High School 10,580
6th South Williamsport High School 9,780
7th Moshannon Valley High School 8,670
8th Bellefonte High School 4,330
8th South Williamsport High School 7,854

Events - Math, Science, Music, Economics

Place School Score
1st Penns Valley High School 11,081
2nd Montoursville High School 10,723
3rd South Williamsport High School 9,769
4th Philipsburg-Osceola High School 9,165
5th St. John Neumann Regional Academy 8,266
6th Moshannon Valley High School 7,814
7th Bellefonte High School 5,270
8th Carlisle High School 3,294