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Overall Results Cumulative[edit]

Location - The Internet Date - February 10, 2021

NOTE: No speech or interview, so team scores have been increased by 10,000 points, and individual overall students' scores have been divided by 0.8 to give a 10K equivalent.

School Score
Penns Valley High School 35,533 (25,533)
Carlisle High School 33,673 (23,673)
Montoursville High School 32,868 (22,868)
South Williamsport High School 31,101 (21,101)
Philipsburg High School 28,766 (18,766)
Moshannon Valley High School 27,477 (17,477)
Saint John Neumann Regional Academy 24,401 (14,401)
Bellefonte High School 23,038 (13,038)