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North Carolina State Records Page
Highest Nationals Ranking: 27th (1987: Junius H. Rose; 2007: William G. Enloe)
Most Recent State Champion: Myers Park High School
Previous National Wins: None

State Results - North Carolina[edit]

The following information has been gathered from the Nationals page and Google search results. Please help correct any errors and add information.

Year School State Score Rank at Nationals Score at Nationals
2011 Myers Park High School* ? DNC DNC
2008 Apex High School 38 29,165.3
2007 William G. Enloe High School 27 35,900.5
2006 William G. Enloe High School 29 32,469
2005 Green Hope High School 36 28,626.8
2004 Green Hope High School 33 31,760.2
2003 William G. Enloe High School 34,507 DNC DNC
2002 William G. Enloe High School
2001 William G. Enloe High School 37
2000 Unknown
1999 Northeastern High School
1992 Brevard High School
1991 Independence High School (Charlotte?)
1990 Independence High School (Charlotte?) 30
1989 Unknown
1988 Unknown
1987 Junius H. Rose High School 27

(*) Although Myers Park High School was announced as a participant in Nationals/2011, they did not attend the competition for unknown reasons. Whether the school won any form of a state competition remains unknown.