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Inflated Projections of Team Scores by Subject (for nerds)[edit]

It's so fascinating to me how the top three teams were way closer than usual. It's such an encouraging sign for people who worry about the health of Academic Decathlon. Below, I'm calculating inflated projections of team scores by subject, just for fun.

These are NOT REAL SCORES. These take each team's visible top two scores by category and for any scores not visible, I just take the maximum possible score. For example, we don't have Scholastic Art scores for CA, so I just add 945.5 for each because that is the maximum possible score. This is a highly flawed calculation and the closest we can get with the data we have (we will be SO surprised and happy if we ever get any more data than this). And, of course, another flaw is the fuzzy "LAUSD" math where it's counting the top two in each event regardless of who ended up counting toward the team score. So, here we go! Robb (talk)


CA 5,745.6

IL 5,709 (confirmed. Think this is the only instance where two counters from each category actually medaled.)

TX 5,654.7


IL 4,454.6

CA 4,436.2

TX 4,400


TX 5,240

CA 5,200

IL 5,080


CA 5,422.3

TX 5,011.1

IL 4,966.7


IL 5,620

CA 5,560

TX 5,400


CA 4,199.9

IL 4,163.5

TX 4,145.3

Social Science:

IL 5,400

CA 5,280

TX 5,080