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hi Stanleytree! I tried to add my team’s score for Lemoore Middle College High School to the 2023 Regional page (I made the edit yesterday) and it looks like you reverted my change earlier today. I was just curious why you undid my revision. I used the auto-numbering tool, and also updated the California Silver and Bronze badges for my school (LMCHS), Western Center Academy, and Elsinore. The only error I can think of was that I forgot to give my edit a summary, which is my fault; that was my first time editing a Wiki. If there is a different way for me to add my score, please let me know :) -Whoupshakingtheirironrod

Hi! I'm not Stanleytree, but I can explain what happened -- basically, you accidentally deleted half of the page when you made that edit! On the Recent Edits page, you can see the (-10,226) next to your edit, which means the total 10,226 bytes (about as many characters) were deleted from the page length. Looking at the "diff" also helps you see what all changed. No worries at all though, as these wikis can be a bit tricky at first! I went ahead and re-added the scores (which I think Stanleytree just hadn't realized you'd added). Thank you a ton for your edits thus far, and I hope to see more contributions from you. :) TinDefacto (talk) 09:30, 12 February 2023 (UTC)