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Year Awardee(s) Notes
2014 Beatrice Braeuer, Maine Braeuer accomplished excellent scores and multiple Nationals medals in Academic Decathlon despite frequent hospital stays due to cystic fibrosis. She took the Nationals Art and Essay tests from her hospital bed.
2012 Colby Wolfe, Georgia
2012 Gary Lose, Alaska
2011 Tyler Murphy, Ohio Murphy joined Academic Decathlon in his sophomore year, but suffered from Brittle Bone Disease and could not compete several times due to surgeries. Murphy, however, finally competed during his senior year.
2011 Renita Buss, Nebraska
2010 Melissa Corbett, South Carolina
2010 Sara Rice, Nebraska
2009 Andrew Wai, Pennsylvania Wai overcame his blindness to succeed in Academic Decathlon, even earning top overall individual scores in the competitive Honors category at State/Pennsylvania/2008 and State/Pennsylvania/2009.
2009 Robert Dooling, Nebraska As a profoundly deaf scholastic, Dooling achieved the highest score at State/Nebraska/2009 and helped his team secure third place overall at Nationals/2009.
2008 Gordon Tahquechi, Oklahoma
2008 Ryan Joe, Alaska
2007 Duncan Hardee, North Carolina
2007 Christiana Mata, Washington
2006 Joan King, Texas
2005 Natalie Rivera, New Mexico
2004 Heather Bandy, California
2003 Jameson Lane Oxnard, Pennsylvania
2002 Jess Burkle, Ohio
2001 John Mushat, Pennsylvania
2000 Corinne Schmitt, Colorado
1999 Charlotte Lanvers, Utah
1998 Levon Camp, Tennessee Camp once belonged to a gang and his behavior in school reached the point where teachers wanted him to play hooky. Academic Decathlon reformed Camp and he even earned a speech medal at nationals.
1997 Laura Gipson, California Gispon fought glioblastoma multiform brain tumor while participating in Academic Decathlon.
1996 Ana Ruzic, Kentucky
1995 Matthew Bowman, Colorado
1994 Brian Landrum, Indiana
1993 Kevin Bigalow, New York
1992 Rhondee Johnson, District of Columbia
1991 The Team from Kansas
1990 Fred Klug, Wisconsin
1989 Christopher Taylor, Rhode Island
1988 John Miller, Nebraska
1987 Kelly Griffith, Idaho
1986 The Team from Alaska
1985 Samantha Ruth Rawlins, Delaware
1984 Christopher Scott, Louisiana Although an alternate for his team, Scott performed door-to-door fundraising for his team while in a body cast and crutches.