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The Lubbock Invitational, also known as the Panhandle Invitational, is an annual scrimmage held in Lubbock each October or November. The competition, which began in the 2014-15 season, is comprised of teams from West Texas. The 2015-2018 invitationals used the USAD Easy tests. The 2019 invitational used the Xathlon Easy Benchmark test.

Lubbock Invitational History[edit]

Out of 42,000 points.

Year Champion Score
2019 Lubbock High School 32,711.3
2018 Lubbock High School 35,274.3
2017 Monterey High School 30,445.6
2016 Lubbock High School 29,996.7[1]
2015 Monterey High School 27,705.7

1. Extrapolated from 41,160 points (only 860 points achievable on Music due to printing error).