Scrimmages/Lubbock Invitational/2019

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Lubbock Invitational
Current Victor: Lubbock High School
Scrimmage Scores

On October 27, 2018, teams from West Texas met in Lubbock to take Xathlon Easy tests.

Overall Team Scores[edit]

Out of seven events. Please note that not all schools were able to field full teams due to scheduling conflicts.

Place School ISD Score
1 Lubbock High School Lubbock 32,711.3
2 Monterey High School Lubbock 29,648.4
3 Frenship High School Frenship 24,548.5
4 Talkington School for Young Women Leaders Lubbock 21,922.8
5 Coronado High School Lubbock 21,371.4
6 Estacado High School Lubbock 11,879.9

Overall Individual Scores[edit]

Out of seven events. Also, many schools brought more (or fewer) than three students per bracket.


Place Student School Score
1 Luca D'Amico-Wong Lubbock High School 6,551.4
2 Yash Mittal Lubbock High School 6,297.1
3 Selena Sheng Lubbock High School 6,174.3
4 Ethan Morgan Monterey High School 6,122.8
5 Jeff Zhou Lubbock High School 6,045.7


Place Student School Score
1 Maria Beusterien Lubbock High School 5,377.1
2 Jaylee Braly Lubbock High School 5,068.6
3 Matthew Moffitt Lubbock High School 4,908.6
4 Sydney Fletcher Monterey High School 4,882.8
5 Mara Hosaka Lubbock High School 4,697.1


Place Student School Score
1 Kaitlynn Cornelsen Lubbock High School 4,722.8
2 Georgia Borland Lubbock High School 4,694.3
3 Bradley McCoy Monterey High School 4,431.4
4 Schuyler Cash Monterey High School 4,245.7
5 Jacoby Springfield Monterey High School 4,137.1