Scrimmages/Marshall Fall Classic/2016

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Marshall Fall Classic
Current Victor: Marshall High School
Scrimmage Scores

The 2016 Marshall Fall Classic was held on September 18, 2015. USAD Easy tests were used, but a Math test of greater difficulty was substituted.

Overall Team Scores[edit]

Out of 42,000.

Place School District State Score Sans Math Estimation*
1 Marshall High School LAUSD California 35,008.6 31,180.0 37,180.0
2 El Camino Real Charter High School LAUSD California 32,388.6 29,360.0 34,960.0
3 South Pasadena High School Los Angeles California 31,485.7 28,400.0 34,028.6
4 Granada Hills Charter High School LAUSD California 30,940.0 27,340.0 33,225.7
5 Franklin High School LAUSD California 30,780.0 28,180.0 33,580.0
6 Chaffey High School San Bernardino California 29,117.1 26,860.0 32,117.1
7 Narbonne High School LAUSD California 26,062.9 24,120.0 29,262.9
8 Stockdale High School Kern California 25,760.0 23,360.0 28,674.3
9 Garfield High School LAUSD California 25,180.0 23,580.0 28,580.0

(*) This is an estimation of what the score would have been had the schools taken the USAD Easy Math test. Assuming Marshall would have gotten 6,000 points and that Garfield would have gotten 5,000 (indicated as very probable by the USAD Easy results from 2013, when the material was the same), the number of questions missed on the Math test they used was square rooted and scaled between the two data points, then rounded to fit the possible point combinations.