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2013 to Present Season[edit]

Beginning in the 2012-2013 season, Super Quiz was no longer given a resource guide of its own. Instead, the Super Quiz event was a relay event with a mix of six events (art, economics, language and literature, music, science, and social science), and the written test was no longer used.

Year Theme
2021 The Cold War
2020 Sickness and Health
2019 1960s
2018 Africa
2017 World War II
2016 India
2015 Energy & Innovation
2014 World War I
2013 Russia

1994-95 to 2012[edit]

Starting in the 1994-95 season, USAD introduced themes for the curriculum. Typically the Super Quiz and other subjects - usually Art and Music as well as others - tie into this theme.

Year Topic
2012 The Age of Empire
Super Quiz: European Imperialism
2011 The Great Depression
Super Quiz: Geology
2010 The French Revolution
Super Quiz: The History of the French Revolution
2009 Latin America
Super Quiz: Evolutionary Biology
2008 The Civil War
Super Quiz: The Civil War
2007 China and Its Influence on the World
Super Quiz: An Introduction to Climatology
2006 The European Renaissance: Renewal and Reform
Super Quiz: The European Renaissance: Renewal and Reform
2005 Exploring the Ancient World
Super Quiz: From Empty Space to Incredible Universe--The Sky Is Not the Limit
2004 America: The Growth of a Nation
Super Quiz: The Lewis and Clark Expedition
2003 Understanding the Natural World
Super Quiz: The Blue Planet: Beneath the Surface
2002 Understanding Others
Super Quiz: E-communication: The Internet & Society
2001 Understanding the Self
Super Quiz: Concepts of the Self: Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
2000 Looking Forward: Creating the Future
Super Quiz: Sustainable Earth
1999 Looking Inward: Developing a Sense of Meaning
Super Quiz: The Brain
1998 Looking Outward: Forces Shaping Society
Super Quiz: Globalization: The New Economy
1997 Communication and Culture
Super Quiz: The Information Revolution
1996 Competition and Cooperation
Super Quiz: The United Nations: Competition and Cooperation
1995 Health, Wellness, and Biotechnology
Super Quiz: Biotechnology: The Next Frontier

1981-82 to 1993-94[edit]

From the first season until the 1993-94 season, there were no specific themes. Listed here are the Super Quiz topics for those seasons.

Year Super Quiz Topic
1994 Documents of Freedom
1993 A Diversity of Achievers
1992 Habitat Earth
1991 Space Exploration
1990 American Indians: Our American Heritage
1989 The U.S. Presidency
1988 The History of Flight
1987 We the People: The Constitution of the United States
1986 Immigration to the United States
1985 Futurism-Megatrends
1984 The Olympic Games
1983 Profits and the Free Enterprise System; Emphasis on Today's Housing Crisis
1982 Music